Tips To Remove Marks Or Spots On Face

Tips To Remove Marks Or Spots On Face

People try to look for ways to remove marks on face areas like the nose, cheeks, and the forehead. The following are some ways to do it.

Consider the following tips to remove marks or spots on face areas

Try homemade bleaching agents made with the use of buttermilk.

Apply a mixture of vitamin E and castor oil applied on these dark spots.

Cumin seeds were very good for the skin.Boil the cumin seeds in water. Wash your face with this water,so that no skin problems will be occured.

Tips To Remove Marks Or Spots On Face
Mixture of tomato juice and lemon juice  cures the pigmentation marks on the skin.

The only tomato juice juice is very useful for getting the clean skin without any marks.

Apply the carrot paste on your face for some time and wash it.This is also very helpful for getting the  clear skin.

If you are suffering with a dark spots,mix the lemon juice and  rose water in equal measures.Apply this paste to your face for 10-15 days daily .So that no dark spots can be found.

Grind the orange peels in water and apply that paste to the face ,so that no acne can be found.

Lemon juice and turmeric powder mixture once a week applying to your face will be helpful to prevent the skin problems like pimples,dark spots etc.

Rub a potato slice on the pimple marks ,so that these dark spots will be reduced. Repeat it for some days.

Gently massage the face with olive or almond oil daily to help repair and renew damaged skin cells.

For better results, use these homemade remedies for a few days to a week and do this on freshly washed and dried skin.

Make a paste by mixing sandalwood and gram powder in water and apply on face for one hour.
Then rinse off with cold water.