Tips For Pregnant Women During Summer

Tips For Pregnant Women During Summer

Pregnant women endure warmth harder because of the progesterone hormone and of the heat emitted by the fetus. In this case, let’s find out some tips which will help pregnant women during a hot summer.

Tips For Pregnant Women During Summer

Don’t risk dehydration, drink as much liquids as possible (water, tea) and eat vegetables which contain a big amount of water. Pregnant women are more likely in the summer heat to become dehydrated because more of the fluid in their body goes to the fetus and the amniotic fluid, which is why you are supposed to drink more water when you are pregnant no matter what time of year it is. Add sweating from the heat and the risk of dehydration rises.

In order to refresh yourself, take a warmish shower and wrap yourself up with a towel taken from the fridge. If you are on vacation, let some cold water fall on your joint.

Tips For Pregnant Women During Summer

Wear comfortable clothes, made from silk. Don’t wear synthetic clothes as they warm up easy.

Don’t you ever forget the fan. It will help you feel more comfortable on hot summer days.

Keep your legs on high position when having opportunity, especially during working time. It will help blood circulating to the legs and remove leg and hand oedema. In summer, pregnant women’s legs are easy to be swollen, so taking care of them is very important.

Use a refreshing spray which contains menthol, eucalypt or any other fresh aroma.

It is imperious necessarily to have air conditioning at home or at work. It can also be replaced by an electric fan.

In these hot days, the cool water bath makes you feel comfortable and a lot more pleasant. Swimming is also very good for pregnant women, so if you have time, just go to the pool near your house to enjoy cool summer.

Keep some humid paper serviettes at the fridge which you can wipe your neck or face with. Also you should always have some ice for drinks.

Don’t suntan – as much as you like to suntan don’t spend to much time and always use a special tanning lotion.

Rest as much as possible in linen or silk sheets and keep as much shade in the place you are. Summer heat makes pregnant women more tired, so do not skip the short naps. You should spend 30 minutes for lunchtime nap and sleep 7-8 hours a day.

Salty foods will make you lose water quickly and make you thirstier on hot days. Therefore, keep away from those foods such as potato chips, cookies, crackers and pasta during summer days.

The sun umbrella will be very useful if you are courageous enough to go out on hot days. Don’t avoid using it. You can try wearing a hat or a cap if you are not very pleased with an umbrella.

Keep cucumbers and vegetables in the fridge and make yourself a mask from them. It will help you refresh.

If you experience nausea, dizziness or fatigue, contact your physician.

I hope that these tips will be of great use for you, future mothers, on hot days.