Tips For Lip Scar Healing And Get Rid it

Tips For Lip Scar Healing And Get Rid it

Lip scars might be caused due to various reasons. Lip piercings, infections, wounds, acne, etc., can result into scars on this area which are often prominent enough to ruin your looks. Opting for one of the undermentioned remedies as soon as you notice any scar on lip area will help fade off the same much faster and reduce its incidence.

Tips for Lip Scar Healing

To help you lighten the scars that can be found on your lips, below are some tips for upper or lower lip scar removal

If you are to go out in the sun, try to avoid getting sunlight on the wound on your lip as sunlight can cause your scars to become permanent.

Tips For Lip Scar Healing And Get Rid it

Extract the juice from a fresh cucumber and apply this on the scar regularly to lighten it; this is quite effective in removing lip scars.

You might commonly find vitamin E oil as a recommended treatment. Regular application of vitamin E oil is sure to heal off the scar and help you have softer and flawless lips. You can either purchase an oil bottle or opt for the vitamin E capsules which are known to be much effective. Break open a capsule and apply the content on lip scar.

If the scars are caused due to acne, then olive oil is the thing to opt for. You can simply buy a small bottle of olive oil and start applying the same at least twice a day. Make sure that you massage it well with your fingertips into the scar and don't eat or drink anything at least for 25 minutes after the application.

Aloe vera gel and fresh aloe vera extract can also help lighten scars on your lips and are safe to use on children as well.

To help treat a scar on a child who is finicky, try mixing honey and lemon juice then place this mixture over the scar.

Honey also has natural healing properties effective in getting rid of scar.
Gently massage the scar with almond oil to remove the scar in time.

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Advanced Treatments for Getting Rid of Scars on Lips

Well, if there is no improvement in the lip scars even after a few weeks of trying the home remedies, you can consult a dermatologist and go for advance treatments. He/she will initially prescribe you some topical creams and oral medications. If the same doesn't seem to work or if the scars are deeper and extremely prominent, your doctor will suggest advanced treatments like dermabrasion, laser treatment or plastic surgery. Deep injury scars and lip piercing scars often need to be patched off with plastic surgery.

While you opt for any advanced treatments, make sure that you consult an experienced and reputed dermatologist. Lips are amongst the most prominent parts of your body and hence they need to be treated with extreme care. Early treatment is sure to help fade off the scars much earlier. So, if you have a lip scar, make sure you don't keep on hiding it with a concealer. Opt for a good remedy and get set to have flawless lips that spice up your beauty.