Pain In Lower Right Abdomen After Eating Symptoms And Prevention

Pain In Lower Right Abdomen After Eating Symptoms And Prevention

The usual thing we do when we feel pain is take a painkiller and forget about it. Meanwhile any pain is an alarm signal informing us that something in our body is out of order and measures should be taken to adjust it. And the pain in lower right abdomen after eating is not an exception.

Pain In Lower Right Abdomen After Eating Symptoms

Any pain after eating most likely signals about the problems with digestive system. Though it may be caused by the wrong way of eating. For example, if you eat in a hurry and swallow half-chewed food, you are sure to swallow some air. Such air-swallowing is called aerophagia. This air gets trapped in the intestines and causes abdominal bloating and pain. To avoid aerophagia you should eat slower, chew your food well and try to avoid fatty food, as it contributes to gas build-up. But keep in mind: pain caused by air-swallowing always occurs in different spots. If your right abdominal pain is constant and precisely located, it may be a sign of a certain illness.

The doctors outline two most possible illnesses causing such pain. To determine your case, pay attention to the character of pain and to the adjacent symptoms. Dull pain in abdomen, not affected by your movements, may be a sign of Crohn’s disease – a chronic illness in which the bowel becomes inflamed and ulcerated due to interactions between environmental, immunological and bacterial factors. And the cramping in the right lower quadrant of abdomen, especially aggravated by eating, is the symptom of the most common type of Crohn’s disease: ileocolitis. Ileocolitis affects ileum and large intestine. The adjacent symptoms of ileocolitis may be diarrhea and fever. And the most common manifestation is weight loss caused first by anorexia and pain aggravation after eating, and in neglected cases caused by intestines malabsorption. To avoid the complications you should consult a doctor promptly.

Pain that starts around the navel and then moves to the lower-right abdomen, lasting for some hours, worsening some time after eating and increasing while you are walking or even coughing or laughing (that is at any muscles tension) is a sign of appendicitis. That is inflammation of the appendix – a blind-ended tube connected to the cecum. Other symptoms of this disease may be fever, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea. And while palpating the right lower quadrant of your abdomen you can feel muscles straining under your fingers and the pain getting worse. But be very careful while touching it! If you suspect appendicitis you should immediately consult a doctor, as the complication of appendicitis – ruptured appendix – is really life-threatening. If it happens, the contents of the inflamed appendicitis, that is pus and infectious organisms, fill your abdomen, increasing the risk of infection, such as peritonitis, and complicating the treatment.      

Pain In Lower Right Abdomen After Eating Prevention

To prevent the grave diseases stated you should keep a healthy diet. Appendix inflammation is caused by disease-causing germs. And their amplification often results from appendix blocking with indigested food. So healthy and digestible food, especially that reach in fiber, may help to avoid such blocking. And nutrition hygiene may prevent the infection which is believed to cause Crohn’s disease.

Even if so far your pain has not been severe, remember: when in doubt, check it out. The treatment of every disease which may cause pain in lower abdomen is much easier at earlier stages. So consult a doctor at every troubling sign to be on the safe side.