Natural Herbal And Home Remedies For Facial Hair Removal

Natural Herbal And Home Remedies For Facial Hair Removal

You don’t want to shave these facial hair. What to do then? Try these natural home remedies to remove unwanted facial hair.

Read below for a basic guide on the major hair removal methods.

Causes of Hairs on Face

  • Hormonal imbalance or abnormalities
  • Increased estrogen levels
  • Genetics
  • Growth of tumors in the adrenal glands, ovaries and endocrine organs

Natural Herbal And Home Remedies For Facial Hair Removal

Get turmeric powder and besan; mix it with water to make a paste. Apply the mixture on your facial hair while rubbing it off gently with your fingers. Allow the mixture to dry on your face then wash it off with water.

Add curd to besan, turmeric powder, and water mixture. Do the same preparation and wash it with water when the mixture has dried on your face.

Get turmeric powder and mix with gram flour and water to make a paste. Apply directly on your face. Rinse it with water when the mixture dries.

Mix turmeric powder and buttermilk. Apply it on the hairy part of your face then wash with clean water when it dries.

The gentle grainy texture of oatmeal makes a good facial exfoliating agent. Scrubs have always been useful in removing hair. However, commercially available scrubs may sometimes leave sensitive skin dry, itchy and red. Oatmeal, on the other hand, due to its avenathramide class of antioxidants is able to reduce redness and protect your skin against UV sun damage. When you make these natural scrub using oatmeal and other skin friendly ingredients, you not only get rid of unwanted hair but also get soft, hydrated and smooth skin.

Fenugreek is a very good medicinal herb for many women related health problems, one of which is hirsutism in which women body parts get hair just like men, for example beard and chest hair. To take all the benefits of fenugreek, you may soak a tsp of these seeds in a glass of water overnight. Then have this water along with seeds in the morning. If you, however, want to use fenugreek only for facial hair removal, use it in a scrub-mask form.

A study was conducted to find out the efficacy of lavender oil and tea tree oil for curing mild idiopathic hirsutism in women. This study suggested that lavender and tea tree oils may have antiandrogenic activities. It means that if these oils are locally applied on skin, it can reduce unwanted hair growth on face and other body parts of women.

Chasteberry, sometimes also called Chaste tree (Vitex agnus castus), is a flowering plant and is popular as a women’s herb. One of the foremost causes of hirsutism is Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Just like saw palmetto, the standardized extract of Chaste tree also has anti-androgenic properties. Primarily used as a herbal remedy for PCOS, chasteberry extract can also cure hirsutism when the underlying cause is PCOS.

Mix equal parts of lemon juice and honey, then apply it directly to your face. Lemon has natural bleaching properties while honey is a natural moisturizer. When applied to the face for at least 10 to 15 minutes daily, you can effectively get rid of your facial hair.

Prepare honey, lemon, and sugar. Mix them in a bowl and place the mixture in your microwave. Set the appliance on high for 2-3 minutes until the mixture forms some bubble. Apply a thin layer of the mixture to the hairy part of your face then rub it with a piece of cloth and grab the cloth opposite ways to the direction of your hair growth.