Knee And Calf Muscle Pain Causes

Knee And Calf Muscle Pain Causes

Knee And Calf Muscle Pain can be debilitating and frustrating, particularly if the person affected doesn't know what is causing the pain. Several different conditions and diseases, ranging from arthritis to sports injuries, from a sprain or strain to blood clots, from cramps to soft tissue tears, can lead to pain in the lower leg.

Knee And Calf Muscle Pain Causes

Pain in the calf and knee may result from a muscle strain or inflamed tendon of the hamstring muscles where they insert just below the knee. Pain may also be caused by a cyst in the cavity behind the knee, lying under the gastrocnemius muscle. A direct hit or severe cold from an ice-pack may injure the peroneal nerve as it wraps around the posterior and lateral aspects of the knee, just below the knee joint

One of the more common causes of pain in the knee and lower leg is arthritis. This condition generally occurs in older individuals after a lifetime of wear and tear in the knee. The cartilage in the joint breaks down over time, leaving no padding between the bones in the joint, so bone rubs against bone. The pain can be bad enough to stop an individual from running any longer or even walking long distances.

Injuries from sports-related or recreation-related activities can also cause knee and calf muscle pain. Someone who jogs, for instance, can suffer from runner's knee. This can lead to sharp pain when irritation occurs to the iliotibial band that connects the tibia to the pelvic bone. A common calf injury related to overactivity is a calf muscle strain. Symptoms include not only pain but bruises and swelling. One of the more serious causes of calf pain is an Achilles tendon tear.

Knee And Calf Muscle Pain limits range of motion at the joint. It also decreases your ability to support and stabilize your body in a standing position. If you are an athlete or exercise enthusiast, especially if you are working on performance goals, pain in your leg forces you to halt your activity, compromising your performance.

One of the more serious causes of knee pain related to sports and other activities is the tearing of one of the four ligaments of the knee: the anterior cruciate ligament, the posterior cruciate ligament, or the medial or lateral collateral ligaments. Besides pain, sufferers may lose mobility or function in the knee and experience swelling. Other injuries to the knee's soft tissue include patellar tendinitis, a dislocated kneecap, and torn cartilage.

Knee And Calf Muscle Pain can be debilitating, but simple home remedies can help you get rid of it. Pain that continues for more than a few days or that strikes even when the affected person is resting could indicate a serious problem that needs medical attention. In case the pain persists, do consult your doctor at the earliest to rule out any complications.