Dull Pain In Lower Left Abdomen Causes And Symptoms

Dull Pain In Lower Left Abdomen Causes And Symptoms

Dull pain in lower left abdomen is a very frequent disorder among people of all ages. In some cases its nature is still a mystery for patients and doctors, and is considered to be attributable to unique features of the patient’s body. Yet, in most cases the underlying reasons of this pain are very well-known to the scientific community. If the pain is not sharp and does not cause any major discomfort, it is possible that it’s caused by some minor issues, like constipation. However, more often than not medical attention is required irrespective of the nature of pain.

Causes of Dull Pain In Lower Left Abdomen

Some of the major organs are located in the lower left side of the human abdomen. Any disorder in these organs functioning may be a cause of lower left abdominal pain. Some disorders in the organs that are outside left abdomen can induce aching sensations there as well. Diaphragm, heart, and even appendix are all located in the other part of the body, but can be a source of abdominal pain as well. That’s why it is important to trace the original cause of one’s pain in every single case.

Pain in lower left abdomen female can be just period or mid-cycle pain. However, there’s some chance dull pain in lower left abdomen may be caused by pregnancy. A growing number of women are exposed to ectopic pregnancy, that’s why immediate medical attention is a must.

Pain in lower right abdomen, female and male alike, is very often caused by appendix. Pain in appendix can start as a dull one and then transform into much sharper sensations. Sickness and vomiting are some of the symptoms that commonly go in hand with appendix pain.

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Symptoms of Dull Pain In Lower Left Abdomen

Abdominal pain is not a disease itself, but rather a symptom. In order to understand what causes this pain, its localization and nature, as well as other symptoms of the disease, they have to be analyzed thoroughly.

The list of common conditions that can induce lower left abdominal pain includes (but is not limited to):

  • Heartburn sometimes is a source of a chronic abdominal pain;
  • Stomach ulcers are known as the root cause of some serious lower abdominal pain;
  • Diverticulitis is the condition when colon swells and blocks food passage. This in turn induces severe lower abdominal pain, often complemented by nausea, diarrhea or constipation;
  • Ulcerative colitis causes dull pain in lower abdomen, too. Given the light nature of this pain, people often give it insufficient attention that aggravates the problem. As time passes, patients may start experiencing much severe pain. Other symptoms of this disease are tiredness, diarrhea, and blood in the stools.
If you experience persistent pain in lower left abdomen (even if the pain is dull), there’s no time to wait for your problem to resolve itself without medical attention. Your visit to a doctor may reveal that you have already developed some severe illness that must not be neglected.