Benefits Of Linden Tree For Health

Benefits Of Linden Tree For Health

Linden Tree (Tilia americana or Tilia europea or Tilia cordata)

Linden Tree is known as other names: Basswood, Bast Tree, American Basswood, American Linden, Bois de Tilleul, European Linden, Feuille de Tilleul, Feuille Séchée de Tilleul, Fleur de Tilleul, Fleur Séchée de Tilleul, Hungarian Silver Linden, Lime Blossom, Lime Flower, Lime Tree, Common Lime, Lime Flowers, Limeblossom, Linden Flower, Linden Charcoal, Linden Dried Flower, Linden Dri, Spoonwood, Wycopy...

Linden is a tree belonging to different species of the genus Tilia, also known as lime or basswood tree. This herb has been used in European traditional medicine for long to cure an assortment of health conditions. In fact, majority of the linden products available commercially are obtained from the species T. platyphyllos Scop. and T. cordata Mill. Linden is basically a huge deciduous tree belonging to the plant family Tiliaceae that generally grows more than 100 feet tall. While T. cordata Mill. is generally denoted as the small-leaved European linden, T. platyphyllos Scop. is generally known as the large-leaved linden. The fragrant flowers of this genus have a whitish or yellowish hue and are collected during the summer. They are dried soon after collection in a shady location. It is important to conserve the dried out linden flowers carefully, as even a little amount of humidity is enough to lessen the aromatic attributes as well as the actions of the flowers.

Benefits Of Linden Tree For Health
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An herbal tea prepared with dried linden flowers has been employed in the form of a diaphoretic (any medication that stimulates sweating) since the later part of the Middle Ages. In fact, the flowers of linden are prescribed for two opposing purposes - as a nervine (a sedative or medication for the nerves) and also in the form of a stimulant. Apart from these, linden flowers are regarded to be very effective in treating indigestion, headaches, diarrhea and hysteria. There was a time when people believed that linden flowers were so useful in treating epilepsy that any individual enduring this medical condition could be cured just by sitting beneath a linden tree.

The healing properties of the linden tree are many but do not have a scientific base. If you take these cures, you need to keep in the mind that the dosage is something you have to careful with. Consult an herb specialist if you can.

Benefits Of Linden Tree For Health

Findings of a number of researches undertaken with linden flowers have revealed that the comparative quantities of mucilage and tannin are vital to the flavor of the herbal tea prepared with the flowers. The taste of linden flower tea is important, as people require drinking comparatively large quantities of the tea to promote sweating. Linden flowers containing high tannin content (about 2 per cent or more) and comparatively less amount of mucilage help to produce an herbal tea that is high in flavor compared to those prepared with flowers containing lesser amount of tannin and more quantities of mucilage.

It has been reported that very frequent use of the herbal tea prepared with blossoms of linden may harm the heart. While this only happens rarely and owing to drinking the beverage in excess, it is advisable that people having known cardiac disorder would be better off by keeping away from using linden flowers.

In effect, the flowers of linden are an excellent medication for treating tension and nervousness. At the same time, they also promote sleep (cure insomnia), alleviate restiveness and excitement in children as well as facilitates in unwinding the tensed muscles. Blossoms of linden are also effective for treating medical condition related to tension, such as headaches, colic, menstrual pains and cramps. Migraines and cardiovascular complaints can be relieved with tea made from linden flowers. In addition, they are also used as well as a tranquilizer (sedative).

Benefits Of Linden Tree For Health
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The bioflavonoids present in linden flowers have soothing properties, which coupled with their favourable actions on the arteries make them an effective medication to lower high blood pressure as well as treat arteriosclerosis (a degenerating disease of the arteries). In addition, the flowers of linden also comfort/ unwind the arteries of the heart, which make them helpful in treating palpitations and coronary heart ailments.

Owing the emollient (relaxing) properties, in France blossoms of linden are employed to prepare an ointment to cure itching skin.

When taken in the form of a hot infusion, linden flowers promote sweating and improve blood circulation to the skin. The flowers of linden are also an effective medication to reduce fevers, especially in children, to clear catarrhal blocking. When ingested along with elderflowers, the blossoms of linden facilitate in treating colds, coughs as well as flu. When taken in the form of an infusion that is either cool or warm, linden flowers have a diuretic action and facilitate in getting rid of excessive fluid accumulation as well as toxic substances from the body by means of urination.

The powder of the burnt wood of linden is also applied externally to heal infection, for instance, cellulitis (inflammation of cellular tissues), edema or ulcers of the lower part of the leg.

Other Uses of Linden Tree 

The lime blossom of this tree is an important keeper of honey or nectar. It has been known to produce a pale but rich flavored honey.

The wood of this tree is used for model building as it is a rich and not so dense a wood. This wood is also used for creating diffusers for aquariums as it has a fine grain that allows air bubbles to seep through.

The oil from linden flowers is also used extensively in aromatherapy. The essential oil is useful for relaxation, thinning the blood, reducing fever, decrease night sweats and get rid of phlegm.

The flowers also have an essential oil which can also clear that stuffy feeling. This oil helps deal with the skin blemishes very effectively.

Linden Tree  Special Precautions and Warnings

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Not enough is known about the use of linden during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

Heart disease: Frequent use of linden tea has been linked with heart damage. If you have heart disease, do not use linden without medical supervision.