Abdominal Pain In The Morning Home Remedies, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Abdominal Pain In The Morning Home Remedies, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Abdominal pain in the morning is very common case among the people in the recent times. It is not fixed with a simple reason. There are major and minor reasons for the abdominal pain in the morning. Major reason can be very serious. So it will better for the patient to diagnosis the pain with some several tests by suggestion of a doctor.

Most common Causes of Abdominal Pain In The Morning?

In the morning, you can feel pain by numerous causes. Its may be sharp or stomach cramps or mild stomach ache. Mentioning some of the common causes:

Symptoms of Abdominal Pain in the morning

Symptoms of the abdominal pain have the main concern of tension. Sometimes it takes serious form. People should aware of the disease by knowing the common symptoms of the abdominal pain. With the pain of the abdomen, you may face some problems are listed below. So don’t waste time for thinking, just go to the doctor as soon as possible for immediate treatment.

  • Frequent urination with pain.
  • Fever appears with the abdominal pain.
  • Inability in work.
  • Vomiting.
  • Inability to take food for several days.
  • Feel injury in the abdomen.
  • Painful in touch the abdomen.
  • The pain stays for several days.

Natural Remedies For The Abdominal pain In The Morning

Lemons, natural cure for abdominal pain. Most of the abdominal pain causes for the indigestion. If you are not chewing food properly, this may because indigestion. Lime or lemon is appropriate for the remedy. Lemon contains ascorbic acid that kills the harmful bacteria in your stomach.

For neutralizing harmful acid, you can use baking soda. Mix the baking soda with the water. Also add a pinch of salt and lime. It will help you to avoid stomach pain.

Peppermint and caraway oils used as herbal medicine in the treatment of abdominal pain. We can use ginger as a natural remedy. It is widely used for the stomach upset. Also, it balances the acidity in your abdomen. If you need faster digestion, than it is the best choice for you. 1 gram of ginger can make your day by removing the pain. Take ginger in your hot tea.

Abdominal pain with vomiting indicates the food poisoning. This causes diarrhea, stomach upset, etc. If the symptoms are severe then you need to go the hospital to expel poison form your stomach. Chilled lime juice will help you from this condition. In cold water mix one teaspoon of fresh lime juice. Vomiting comes from overeating, upset stomach, drinking too much alcohol, the common cold or morning sickness associated with pregnancy. Pregnant women should go to a physician before taking any natural or medicinal treatment.

Overeating causes the abdominal pain. So make a habit reduce the amount of food in your daily routine. Less eating reduces the possibility to take any harmful food. Also, some cases, abdominal pain causes from the food poisoning. One gram of prevention is valuable than the kilogram of cure. Eat healthier and lead a happy life.

Some general tips for the abdominal pain in the morning

Take any types of Cheerios for the breakfast.

Avoid unhealthy cereal in the morning.

Take hot ginger tea.

Practice some exercise related to abdomen.

Avoid sweet or soda early in the morning.

•    Take hot bath in the morning.

•    During the excessive pain, use a heating pad on your painful abdomen.