Abdominal Pain Around Belly Button

Abdominal Pain Around Belly Button

Abdominal Pain Around Belly Button

Pain in the surrounding regions of belly button is taken usually as abdominal pain, while abdominal pain itself happens to be associated with different factors (health-problems). There are a few crucial organs, such as esophagus, small-intestine and large intestine, inside the stomach, organizing whole of its structure with. A pain over abdomen or inside stomach is common to affect everyone with varying degree of its traumatic effect. Be the pain localized (around belly button) or sporadic (over vast area of abdomen, it should not be taken as outcome of any serious medical condition unless diagnosed as medical condition. No doubt pain around navel may be a critical condition if is caused due to deplorable condition of any of its stomach’s internal organs.

What is Umbilicus?

Umbilicus is also known as navel or belly button. The tissue underneath the umbilicus is supporting the umbilical cord, which is a channel to supply nourishment to embryo and fetus from mother's placenta. After birth the umbilical cord is cut from the fetus and fetal skin forms a scar with a significant dimple called umbilicus.

Causes of Abdominal Pain around Navel/Belly Button

Randomize consumption of foods and gastric trouble (flatulence) are a few common conditions triggering pain in the abdomen. It may cause abdominal pain around belly button as well, mild to severe pain, just depending upon the condition. Gastroenteritis (inflammation in the stomach) also may cause pain in and around umbilical region. The abdominal pain around umbilicus (belly button) generally happens to be innocuous but tormenting in nature. But it is the cancer, a dreaded disease, which may affect, in rare condition, the people with persistent pain over some specific region of theirs abdomen including the surrounding region of belly button. Let’s view about the causes of abdominal to be felt around belly button as well.

Main Causes of Abdominal Pain around Navel/Belly Button

The appendix can be the cause of severe pain and discomfort to a person, in case it gets infected. The appendix is situated within the large intestine. If, by some chance, the opening of the appendix gets blocked and bacteria begin to fester, it leads to appendicitis. Extreme pain in the navel area is one of the primary symptoms of appendicitis. This pain begins right below the navel, gradually spreads to the right side of the belly and can be quite excruciating. If even slight physical movements become very difficult due to this pain, visit the doctor immediately.

Muscle Stress

If you are involved in a sport or any activity that involves a lot of physical stress to your abdominal area, then it could be one of the contributing factors to the pain in the region. For instance, if you indulge in sports, lifting of heavy objects from one place to another and other such activities, there are chances that your muscles in the abdominal area near the belly button have suffered from excess stress or have become inflamed. Also, sudden involvement in such activities without a proper warm up may be a cause of strain on the muscles, resulting in pain. Rest and compresses help to ease such a pain.

Causes of Abdominal Pain around Navel/Belly Button

More than half of abdomen happens to be susceptible to abdominal-pain, to be caused due either to gas, bacterial infection or poor digestion. Blockage in intestine also causes pain over approximately fifty percent regions of the stomach. If localized abdominal pain may is experienced over abdomen it may be due to critical condition of crucial organs of stomach, such as appendix, gallbladder or stomach.

Abdominal Pain in and around belly button, though may be associated with anyone of the above mentioned conditions, it can’t be the common condition for navel pain to be felt around belly button. This actually is navel infection that causes inflammatory pain around the infected belly button. The women undergoing belly button piercing often sustain severe injuries which if not healed on time get infected due to bacterial infection thereon and torment them with tremendous pain in and around theirs infected navel, depending upon infectious condition of umbilicus.

Treatment for Abdominal Pain around Belly Button

As you can see, except for appendicitis, the causes for this kind of abdominal pain aruond belly button are not really that worrisome. Most are situations which people encounter frequently and can be treated by consuming an analgesic (not without a prescription), a diet that suits your body, and a good fitness regime. However, these were just some of the causes of intermittent pain.

If abdominal pain in and around belly button is the result of navel infection then antibiotics and anti-inflammatory OTC drugs are to be the best treatment. Even over-consumption of foods provided is the cause of abdominal pain, to be felt on abdomen, especially around belly button then should be tackled rather with antacids. But the abdominal pain around belly button if is related with any medical condition then it should not be treated with acetaminophen and brought immediately into the notice of doctor.

If you suffer from prolonged and unbearable pain, then strictly avoid self-medication and consult your doctor for treatment. The doctors dwell on lower, upper, right or left region of patient’s stomach to detect actual cause of abdomen to be felt in or around umbilical region. The doctors may ask several questions as well in order to reach in-depth of the disease or health condition, causing abdominal pain around belly button.