Knee Pain Behind The Knee On Back Of Leg

Knee Pain Behind The Knee On Back Of Leg

Like the neck, shoulder and arm, the low back, hips, pelvic (sacro-iliac) joints, knees, ankles and feet are a system that should work together in a balanced and coordinated way. So problems in any of these areas must be looked at with reference to the system of which they are only a part. The entire nerve supply to the hip, thigh, knee, leg, ankle and foot comes from the low back, so low back spinal problems that disturb leg function are common.

Problems on one side of the body tend to cause adaptation on the other, so it is common to find an ankle problem on one side, together with a knee problem on the other; or a knee problem on one side together with a hip problem on the other. A great many of these functional problems can be corrected by regular exercise of the right sort, and attention to anatomical detail in terms of diagnosis.

So what could you do?

See your health care provider as soon as possible. There are two cartilage compartments in the knee-one inner and one outer. If the cartilage wears unevenly, the leg can bow in or bow out. If you were born with crooked legs, there can be strain that causes the cartilage to wear more rapidly. If you are overweight, you are far more likely to have knee problems.

If there is pain or swelling in the calf below the sore knee, you may have a blood clot. More likely, you have a Baker's cyst.

Listen to the pain message and try not to do anything that aggravates the pain. If you have arthritis, make sure you are taking your medication as directed. Otherwise, acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen.

See your doctor if pain remains after six weeks. I hope this helps you. And good luck.