How To Treat Bakers Cyst Behind Knee

How To Treat Bakers Cyst Behind Knee

Is the backside of a knee bulging with fluid? Or do you have pain in the back of a knee? Or is swelling behind your knee causing stiffness? Any one of these symptoms may indicate you have a Baker’s cyst, aka popliteal cyst.

A Baker’s cyst contains synovial fluid that has overflowed out of your knee joint. Typically, a popliteal cyst is caused by the flare up of some sort of inflammatory knee condition, like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, or knee damage involving a meniscal cartilage tear.

Oftentimes, a Baker’s cyst only causes swelling symptoms without pain. However, a large cyst or certain types of activity can cause back of knee pain and stiffness to be noticed. And in the rare event your popliteal cyst ruptures, you may experience sharp pain, a water running down calf feeling and back of the knee and calf bruising or redness.

Because the back of knee pain or swelling behind knee symptoms can be caused by a condition other than a Baker’s cyst, such as a blood clot, tumor or aneurysm, you should always have this knee problem evaluated by a health care provider.

Typically, popliteal cyst treatment involves treating the underlying cause, for instance a cortisone injection to reduce inflammation or cartilage removal surgery, then the cyst resolves itself over time. For large, painful cysts, the fluid creating your Baker’s cyst might be drained.

Treatment options for Pain Behind the Knee

If you want to reduce the chance that you will get an injury to the knee and if you want to keep them as supple as possible, you should try to make sure that the joints remain flexible and strong. When you do feel pain behind your knee, you should try resting it, while applying a cold compress on it. At the same time, try to make sure that the symptoms don’t get any worse. It your condition worsens you can get it checked by a ultrasound technician.

When it’s a chronic case, you should discuss the problem with a doctor, in order to get a course of treatments which will improve your situation. Once the doctor examines you and figures out what causes the knee pain, he will be able to give you some recommendations. One example would be to wear some knee braces, which would help the ligaments act naturally, while easing your knee soreness feeling. There are a number of different types of equipments available for gyms which can help with the pain you feel behind your knee. They work by making weak muscles stronger, muscles which give support to the joint of the knee. It is advisable that you discuss it with a physiotherapist though, as he knows best what you need and he can give you advice on the sets of exercises which will not force the joints.

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