Wrong Ways In Relax You Need To Avoid

Wrong Ways In Relax You Need To Avoid

Every person has his own way to get out from fatigue and feel relaxed. However, if you know a few things that we often make choices 'way out' to eliminate stress, anxiety, and burden us, can actually give a bad impact on our health.


Wrong Ways In Relax You Need To Avoid

When the pressure of work or life to come, cigarettes often become our tool to be able to feel relaxed. Though we all would have been familiar or bored with the existing smoking hazard warnings. The smoker has a risk of a heart attack two times larger, and each bar rokoklah that causes 90% mortality caused by lung cancer. In addition to nicotine and tar, there are still hundreds of other chemicals in cigarette smoke can cause cancer. Plus, smoking can make our breath become unpleasant.

Dinner too late

Including groups of people who often make dinner too late? Eating too much the night is synonymous with eating junk food in large quantities. At the moment we are under stress, fatigue or anxiety, usually hormone cortisol will automatically send signals to the brain to recharge the body of fuel in anticipation of emergency conditions. And usually we're taking food containing fat or sugar.

Eating telampau late will increase insulin, fat storage hormone, and when sleep the body certainly will not do the burning again. And that's the sign, the risk of obesity will increase as well. Therefore, make it a habit to lock our mouths setlah at 7 pm.

Watching TV

Wrong Ways In Relax You Need To Avoid

Every major studies always found a link between watching TV and obesity. One of them is in the research contained in the Journal of the American Medical Association, this study found each time we increase the duration of two hours we watch TV, then automatically we will increase by 23% obesity and risk of diabetes up to 14%.

The danger again, when we will be overwhelmed by watching hundreds of advertisements of junk food and eating other foods that might be we are eating when watching television. Better to select only some of our favorite programs. Then, spend the rest of us to stay away from the sofa and make us a healthy hobby.

Excessive running

Sometimes sports are used by some people as a weapon repellent stress. But do not be excessive and forced. Excessive running or called exercise bulimia, which is a form of exercise which utamannya goal is to get rid of all calories are not needed by the body, rather than creating a health and fit body. Perform high intensity exercise, carried out repeatedly and over, will make us kehilangkan enjoyment in exercising.

Not only that, 'coercion' This will increase the hormone cortisol, which can eventually damage our appearance with our waistlines expand, and disrupt important parts of the brain associated with memory. Therefore, if you want to exercise and still feel relaxed, said the moderates is key. For example, by jogging in the morning relaxing while enjoying the scenery in the park nearby. Not only make your body into shape, this method will also provide peace of mind.