Tips To Prevent Shrinkage Of Skin After Diet

Tips To Prevent Shrinkage Of Skin After Diet

One of the problems often experienced after a strict diet is visible sagging skin and sagging. This could happen because of weight loss is too rapid and drastic result follows the pattern of fad diet (diet temporarily, eg occupation diet, carbohydrate diet).

Your skin has several layers of fat. When there is a drastic weight loss and fast, the body does not have much time to adjust to the new body shape. Slim body looks loose but certainly less interesting to watch. If you do not want that to happen, there are some things you should consider before making a strict diet.

Tips To Prevent Shrinkage Of Skin After Diet

Lose Weight & Slowly Phased In

More short-term diet reduces muscle mass than fat. As a result, metabolism is compromised, damage health and make the body weak for a long time. Do not rush to lose weight. Do it in a healthy diet, regular and gradual. Add weight training in your exercise routine. Lifting weights helps build muscle which will tighten the skin.

Combine with massage

Proper massage helps tighten the muscle and skin. Do massage regularly, at least two weeks. Massage should be done by experts or trained staff to be safe and effective results, because they recognize the anatomy of the body.

Start Age Diet While Still Young

If the excess weight since the age of 20, consider diet when you're young. Excerpted from the Health Me Up, the skin gets older it is more difficult to adjust the shape of the body due to reduced elasticity. But do the diet for health reasons, not just for appearance. It will keep you motivated to live a healthier diet.
Tips To Prevent Shrinkage Of Skin After Diet

Keep your intake of Eating

High protein foods like low fat milk, nuts, seeds and fish also contains collagen which helps to maintain skin elasticity. So also with fruits and vegetables, in addition to helping the process of weight loss also tightens the skin. In addition, fruits and vegetables contain lots of water helps the skin back into shape after a diet.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water can increase the elasticity of the skin as well as maintain it. Drink water at least two liters a day. Water is also very good for helping weight loss. Make the stomach feel full without the calories, thus preventing you from overeating.

Avoid Yo-yo Diet

The important thing to note is; diet that is too tight or the wrong diet can damage the skin's elasticity. This diet also reduces the skin's ability to get back into shape. So avoid yo-yo dieting and maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise.