Tips For Honing The Intelligence Of Baby

Tips For Honing The Intelligence Of  Baby

Every parent would want their children grow up healthy and intelligent. One factor to make it happen is environmental influences or parenting parents.
Here are some tips that you can begin to hone the intelligence of the baby's brain, especially in the first two years of his life.

Tips For Honing The Intelligence Of  Baby


Breast milk contains nutrients that are important to countless baby's growth. One of the most important element is docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is a good essential fatty acids for brain development. Many food marketing companies have tried to replicate this material in the lab and add it to baby food. But no one could match the "natural DHA" as found in breast milk.

Give the smart toy

Toys play an important role in your baby's brain development. The key, selecting appropriate toys and activities shall be in accordance with the stage of 'biological development of children'. Select a simple toy that does not make babies frustrating. Buy toys 'open-close' to sharpen your imagination and help build coordination between eye and hand.

Start early

Start early even before he was born. You do this by ensuring expectant mothers have good health and adequate nutrition. Avoid harmful substances such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and mercury are known to be harmful to your baby's brain development. Meet the specific nutritional needs for infant brain development, such as folic acid and fish oil. Many drugs are not recommended during pregnancy. So consult with your doctor before taking certain medications.

Read story

Although the baby may not understand the story that you read, but reading continuously will help your baby to hear, recognize words and their meanings. This process is important in helping to build a vocabulary to talk and baby.

Physical contact

To caress and touch your baby is very important for emotional growth. Stroked her hair, legs and body also helps create neurological connections that are important for brain development. It will also help strengthen your bond with your baby.

Tips For Honing The Intelligence Of  Baby

Recommend a foreign language

At the right age, introduce your child to hear sounds and vocabulary of a foreign language. Foreign language play DVDs, can increase your child's vocabulary. Some research suggests the introduction of foreign languages ​​should be initiated after the child's mother is fluent.

Play signs

Encourage your baby to learn the signs when the age of 4 (four) months. Research shows that using sign language leads to an increase in the spoken language and the higher IQ.

Often the question arises, is it possible to hone the intelligence of children at an early stage so that later when he grows up to be a genius? The good news is, Yes. All that is needed to improve the ability of the infant brain lies to her parents.