Streamline Effective Abdominal Exercise To Get Slim Body

Streamline Effective Abdominal Exercise To Get Slim Body

Want to get a slim stomach in quick time? No need to go to the operating room for liposuction. Just do this exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes a day and you'll see the difference in no time! Excerpted from Health, the advice is given Baganza Ramona, a personal trainer who helped a number of Hollywood celebrities get beautiful body shape

Streamline Effective Abdominal Exercise To Get Slim Body

1. In-line Skate

Maybe in-line skates are less popular today. But you know, that roller skating fun activities can destroy the fat and calories in fast? Move your feet to move from side to side spur thighs and buttocks to work harder, so that the muscles become too tight. Try you glide in a sturdy, stable and flat. Skate for 30 minutes, can burn 425 calories.

2. Run

Running can burn as many as 374 calories in 30 minutes. To get a flat stomach, ran on the field is slightly uphill and not too wide, so that the abdominal muscles, thigh to toe working optimally. So that the foot is not too sore after exercise, ran quickly and quietly in turn.

3. Jump Rope

In addition to maintaining physical fitness, jumping rope can burn hundreds of calories and produces a flat stomach. Jump rope for an hour can burn about 730 calories (for people weighing 72 kg), 910 calories (for weight 90 kg) and almost 1,100 calories (for 108 kg weight). Do a jump rope for at least 30 minutes every day.

4. Hula Hoop

The larger the circle, the greater your power to turn it around and goes down more calories. Turn the hula hoop just in the abdomen and around the waist. You can vary the motion standing on one leg so as not to bore. Do the hula-hoop for 30 minutes, can burn 300 calories. Imagine the results obtained if you do it every day!

5. Tennis

This exercise can burn 272 calories in 30 minutes. You do not need to play tennis as hard as athletes of the world to get a flat stomach. You do not have to look for a partner to compete. Find a flat area near a wall or garage that can reflect the ball well. Standing in front of a wall with a distance of 10-25 feet. At the ball toward the wall is consistent, ranging from 50 to 100 blows. Combine movement with a backhand to forehand to maximize results.

That's 5 types of exercise are believed to be able to streamline your stomach and prevent overweight. Good luck and always the spirit to achieve a healthy life and having an ideal body shape. Kosistensi is the key to the success of any exercise program described above.