Some Efect Of Eating Nuts

Some Efect Of Eating Nuts

Peanut is one of the favorite snack, but the actual role is more than just smelling peanut sleepiness or boredom. Nuts are tasty, crunchy, and crisp it was rich in vitamin E, folic acid, various minerals, and amino acid arginine.

Some Efect Of Eating Nuts

The researchers from California, United States, found a daily diet containing nuts effective for lowering bad cholesterol and contain sterols, components are often added to margarine to reduce cholesterol absorption.

However, you should select beans are not salted and in small quantities. Several types of nuts, like walnuts or almonds contains 650 calories. In addition to direct consumption, beans can also be destroyed a little rough and a sprinkling on top of the food.

Each type of nut has a distinct advantage. Therefore you can select them according to the type of disease prevention you want done.


Researchers from the University of Loma Linda, California, found the almonds, macadamia and pecans nuts help lower bad cholesterol (LDL). Researchers from Canada in 2002 also found that consumption of 74 g of almonds every day will reduce LDL up to 9.4 percent.

Preventing diabetes

Some studies show peanuts can help you avoid diabetes and other metabolic syndrome. According to the researchers, it is because the reduced number of fat cells (lipids) in the blood and reduced cell damage and inflammation.

Preventing cancer

Type of vitamin E, Gamma-tocopherol, contained in pistachios, is believed to experts can reduce the risk of lung cancer. Eating pistachio nuts on a regular basis is also effective for preventing heart disease because it can lower LDL levels.

Increasing fertility

Sperm production requires specific nutrients that most can not be obtained from the modern menu, such as selenium. One source of selenium is Brazil nuts.

Preventing senile and Delaying wrinkles

The researchers from Tuft University, Boston, found levels of aplha-linolenic acid (ALA) on the bean, as well as polyphenols that act as antioxidants, inhibit signal will cause damage to the track in the brain. Types of beans that was suggested to prevent memory loss are almonds and walnuts.