Solutions For Thin Hair And Prevent Hair Loss

Solutions For Thin Hair And Prevent Hair Loss

Actually, there are many factors that cause hair loss or thinning hair. Call it disease, hormonal imbalances, stress, poor nutrition, or are undergoing a particular treatment. Compared to just moody lament the fate, let us prevent hair loss and add volume to crown us with the following tips.

Solutions For Thin Hair And Prevent Hair Loss

Choose a hair style that fits

Use a hair dryer is not a problem, just that we should be more careful with exposure to high heat in our crown. Weapons beautiful like catokan straightener or curling can cause damage and broken.

In addition, also get the right hairstyle. Short Cuts is strongly recommended for hair owner of this type. Give a little extra wave or curl and add the shortest layer in the outermost reaches of our hair. Hair Pieces like this can lift and give volume to hair. Avoid having long hair, which will give weight to the hair and make it look thinner.

Use Developer's hair products

Because developers typically hair products containing paraffin or beeswax, if used often can cause buildup and make the hair brittle. So, more carefully select the product developer's hair. Choose which do not "burdensome" and destructive. For example, use mousse.

We can apply the mousse on the roots when the hair is still in wet conditions. Then, continue to dry the hair roots by using a hair dryer and use a comb to help create a fluffy hairdo. Give the final touches with a light spray hair spray for long-lasting hairstyle.

Solutions For Thin Hair And Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Wash when dirty

To provide protection to the hair, the best step we can do is to familiarize yourself with shampoo when the hair in dirty conditions. Since this type of fine hair dirty faster, then the owner of this type of hair needs to wash more often. The bad news, this type of hair is also susceptible to fractures. So to minimize the negative effects of frequent shampooing, shampoo and conditioner choose the right developer.

Give a touch of color on your hair

Such drugs can make hair become weak making it more vulnerable to damage and loss. But not with semi-permanent coloring, provided done and well cared for. This step will not bring destruction to the hair and the same time can make hair look more volume.

For optimal results, do not hesitate to consult the experts on choosing colors that fit with our skin. For the selection of the right colors will make us appear more fresh and hair more volume. Tip: Because basically colored hair that is more easily damaged and can lead to hair loss, hair care either still needed.