Principles To Lose Weight When Exercise

Principles To Lose Weight When Exercise

Exercise is one way you can do to lose weight. Exercise is also one type of diet program that is recommended by nutritionists and health experts, because sport is an activity that is easy to do without imposing itself.And the experts had a very clear instruction member in sports activities that can generate a maximum weight loss. And for those of you who are interested in this program then you should consider the following important things.

Exercise is best done in the morning, because it can make someone do it regularly and burn more calories. Even so you also must consider the following points so that your weight loss program can be optimized. Here are things you should consider.

Principles To Lose Weight When Exercise


After a consistent, then the duration of the exercise could be improved to burn more calories and lose weight.

This is because if done in a long duration then more people will get bored easily so it does not last long, for the duration increased gradually.

American College of Sports Medicine recommends exercise for 30 minutes to maintain ideal body weight, and 45 minutes to lose weight.


One must exercise consistently to achieve optimal results. Should do a consistent exercise habits first before adding training time and increase the intensity.

Also choose a preferred sport or exercise so that it can better enable people to enjoy and exercise consistently. Consider also your friends for a partner to do it.


The intensity of exercise is an important factor in weight loss, because it increases the intensity also increase calories burned.

Choose a high-intensity exercise such as running, swimming, bike, jump rope and boxing. To initially start from a low-intensity exercise such as walking and slowly increase it later.


The more frequently exercise the more calories you burn, usually olahraag 3 times a week and gradually increased the frequency of 5-6 times a week.

It is important to create a realistic exercise plan to set goals.