Perfect Nutrition for Strong Teeth

Perfect Nutrition for Strong Teeth

Though brushing your teeth, flossing and regular visits to the dentist are all effective ways to prevent cavities, a healthy mouth also requires a balanced diet. For example, vegetables and fruits provide nutrients for your gums, such as vitamins A and C.


Perfect Nutrition for Strong Teeth

Select a crispy and juicy. you can replace it with another fruit or raw vegetables that are still fresh. Fiber apples clean your teeth from bacteria and plague. Chewing gum and apples will train the ligaments and stimulate blood circulation around the teeth.


The study revealed that consumption of beta-carotene contained in carrots can reduce the risk of oral cancer.

Snacks that promote oral health

Both nutritious and tooth-friendly, high-protein foods such as cheese, milk, yogourt, nuts, eggs, meat, poultry and fish, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables make the best snacks. Another tasty tip: drinking a glass of milk along with your sweets can actually reduce the cavity promoting potential of sugar - one more reason to have milk with your cookies!

What about chocolate milk?

Perfect Nutrition for Strong Teeth

Chocolate milk doesn't promote cavities. Why not? Being a liquid, its sugar doesn't stay in the mouth long or cling to your teeth. Also, both cocoa and several nutrients in milk help protect against cavities, offsetting the effect of chocolate milk's sugar content.

Low-fat cheese

Dishes after you eat a sweet snack. Cheese neutralize the acids that cause cavities. Calcium in cheese is believed to prevent email eroded.

Low-fat yogurt

Excellent sources of calcium that strengthens bones of your teeth. Plain yogurt is better at fruit-flavored yogurt. No lasting taste? Add fresh fruit.