Other Causes Stains On Teeth That You Need To Know

Other Causes Stains On Teeth That You Need To Know

Coffee and cigarettes are the two most common and have proven to cause stains on teeth. Here are some things that can cause the teeth look stained.

Colored drinks

Coffee and tea is known as a giver of stains on the teeth. Yet other dark colored beverages such as fruit juices, red wine, and soda can also cause tooth turned cloudy. In essence, beverages or liquids that can leave dark stains on your carpets can also stain your teeth. If indeed you been drinking colored beverages, do not forget to gargle with water to dissolve the remainder of the mouth. Or, drink with a straw-colored drinks can also help protect the front teeth from contact with the beverage color.

Food color

Foods, such as high-pigmented fruits like cherries, blueberries, cranberries, or soy sauce with the faster will leave a mark on your teeth. Brush your teeth immediately after eating these foods.

Bad habits

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Rarely brush my teeth, or brushing technique is wrong, plus the rarely used dental floss can leave stains on your teeth to settle. One dental care can also make the bacteria grow and expand in the tooth, which will leave scars on your teeth yellow and green. Recommended for about 2-3 minutes brushing your teeth throughout the mouth and teeth to make sure all the parts really clean.

Excessive Fluoride

Generally, 'fluoride' is used for toothpaste, because it is usually used to make teeth whiter and stronger. However, that was just too much fluoride in the teeth can actually make the white stains on teeth. Excess fluoride is usually rare, but it can happen, especially to children. Fluoride can be obtained through drinking water and excessive use of toothpaste. Therefore, it is suggested to use toothpastes enough for just about every time brushing his teeth.


As a kid you often sickly, so must drink a lot of antibiotic drugs? It is possible that you will experience a change in tooth color. Tetracyline contained on these drugs can alter the color of your teeth white kids so turbid yellowish. While minocyline can cause permanent stains blue-gray in adults. Some antihistamines, also can change the color of the teeth. Ask your dentist to discuss the medications you take, to determine its effects on teeth. Do not forget to ask whether there are alternative drugs that will not make your teeth change color.