Nutrition And Benefits Of Dates For Health

Nutrition And Benefits Of Dates For Health

Dates, herb-rich desert fruit for health benefits

Dates according to the understanding which has the Latin name Dactilifera Phoenix has been known since paleolithic times. Dates is a kind of palm plants are widely grown in the Arabian Peninsula and some people think of dates only live in the desert. But in other areas that have high enough levels of drought, can also live dates. Now, the fruit that tastes sweet to be the mainstay of agricultural commodities which sells for sale by the Arabs, Africans and even China.

Nutrition And Benefits Of Dates For Health
Dates fruit

Nutrition Of Dates For Health

On the dates that are still soft (ripe on the tree and not dried) sugar content of about 60%. While the dates that have been dried implies quite high, around 70%. Sugar content in the palm has a poor absorption, about 45-50 minutes so the time for processing the nutrients delivered into the blood to be quite long.

Fruit desert also contains various vitamins needed by the body. Vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, vitamin B is in a date. Riboflavin and niacin for example, will help release energy from food, while thiamin helps release energy from carbohydrates. Vitamin A and niacin plays a role in forming and maintaining healthy skin. Thiamin is important for nerve cells, while niacin maintain normal nerve function.

Minerals are also very commonly found in dates. Magnesium and potassium at least in sufficient quantities can be counted on to help the body get better performance. "Many also contained fibers like any other fruit," said Prof. Ali. According to him, the fiber can make good digestion. The content of dates makes the intestines become soft and activate it so naturally one's easy to defecate.
The nutrient content in dates are: Nutrition: Water 22:50 g, 275 cal Energy, Energy 1151 kj, Protein 1.97 g, 0.45 g fat, 73.51 g Carbohydrates, Fiber 7.5 g, 1.58 g Ash .

Nutrition And Benefits Of Dates For Health
Dates have many benefits

Minerals: Calcium, Ca 32 mg, Iron, Fe 1.15 mg, Magnesium, Mg 35 mg, Phosphorus, P 40 mg, Potassium, K 652 mg, Sodium, Na 3 mg, Zinc, Zn 0.29 mg, Copper , Cu 0.288 mg Manganese, Mn 0.298 mg, Selenium, Se mcg 1.9.

Vitamins: Thiamin 0.090 mg Riboflavin 0.100 mg Niacin 2.200 mg, 0.780 mg Pantothenic, Vitamin B-6 0.192 mg, Folate 13 mcg, Folate, food 13 mcg, Vitamin A, 50 IU, Vitamin A, RE 5 mcg_RE, Vitamin E 0.100 mg_ATE.

Benefits Of Dates For Health

Explanation of the lid are the various benefits of dates that can be describe as follows:

Nutrition And Benefits Of Dates For Health
1. If eaten without removing the skin, can digestion and prevent intestinal inflammation.

2. For lactating women, iron and calcium content in dates can increase the quantity of milk.

3. Dates also play a role helping the formation of blood and bone marrow for babies who are breastfed.

4. Dates are believed to provide additional energy for pregnant women.

5. According to the research, palm juice can strengthen the veins of the uterus, making childbirth easier. Also reduce bleeding during labor and strengthen the organs of the uterus.

6.said, babies who are breastfed mothers who eat dates, will grow into a smart boy.

7.Very good to deal with the problem of constipation, muscle weakness, fatigue, stress and fatigue.

8.Helps strengthen memory.

9.Arab women believe dates can smooth the skin. Usually with a mixture of other ingredients used as a complementary cosmetic beauty.

10.Potassium contained in dates can reduce the risk of stroke and high blood.
For patients with cough, its sugar content can relieve itching in the throat, as well as stop the cough.

12.Date palm juice is also efficacious in reducing disease insomnia.

13.Dates can increase appetite and sexual.

14.Iron and carbohydrate contained good enough for patients with anemia and chronic lethargy.

15.Have contributed to keep warm and improve brain power.