Low vitamin D, Caution Hypertension

Low vitamin D, Caution Hypertension

Adolescent of white women who are deficient in vitamin D three times higher risk of having high blood pressure in middle age compared with youth groups that enough vitamin D.

Study results presented at the meeting of the American Heart Association in Chicago is at once enter in groups of adolescent girls at risk for hypertension due to lack of intake of vitamin D.

Researchers in Michigan, USA, test data 559 women who started in 1992, found that those who are deficient in vitamin D had hypertension 15 years later. "Our results indicate long-term risk of vitamin D deficiency are hypertensive at the age of about 30's," said Flojaune Griffin, from the School of Public Health, University of Michigan, USA.

Besides produced naturally by the body that comes from sun exposure, vitamin D can also be found in fish, dairy products, and supplements. Now not only vitamin D deficiency is associated with healthy bones and teeth but also the risk of cancer, immune problems, and respiratory diseases.

Currently almost half the population in the world are deficient in vitamin D. The experts argued, this problem will get worse if the person is more work in the room. African-American people was also considered at risk for vitamin D deficiency because dark skin makes them more difficult body absorbs ultraviolet light.