Habits That Can Damage Brain's Performance

Habits That Can Damage Brain's Performance

Our brain can be damaged or not working properly because there are bad things that humans do. Below are 10 Habits that can damage brain's performance.


Well specifically for the frequent smoke, remember well yes. turns out that smoking is a terrible result in our brain. Try to imagine it, our brain can shrink and eventually loses its functions.

Habits That Can Damage Brain's Performance

Consuming too much sugar

Eating sugar is okay, if not mostly, because according to researcher, consuming too much sugar will prevent the absorption of protein and nutrition, so that our body will lack nutrition and impaired brain development.

Lack of sleep

Maybe this is the most frequently performed of people, staying out was actually very dangerous! Our brains need a break as well as us, so if we're not resting then our brains will be exhausted, and after a long time our brains can not function properly. Hence, from now on keep your sleep.

No breakfast

Many people underestimate for breakfast, but do not consume food in the morning caused a decline in blood sugar levels. This resulted in a lack of input of nutrients to the brain which finally ended in degeneration of the brain.

Air pollution

We need to know, if the brain is part of the body which consume most udara.Terlalu long we are in an environment with polluted air can make the brain works inefficiently. So we must be careful.

Habits That Can Damage Brain's Performance

Head covered while sleeping

Sleeping with the head covered is a bad habit which is very dangerous, because the carbon dioxide produced during sleep is concentrated, so that the brain insult. Do not be surprised if over time the brain becomes damaged.

Lack of stimulation of the brain

We need to know if you think is the best way to train the brain. Less we think it makes the brain shrink and ultimately does not work optimally. Use our best brains to think of any, but, to think about things that positive.

Most Meals

Be careful with your food portion, do not mostly, because according to research that eating too much could cause "hardening of the arteries of the brain" which usually leads us to the decline in mental powers, might we become lazy and only just sleepy.

Rarely spoke

According to research, it turns out intellectual conversations usually bring a good effect on the workings of the brain, let it increase again to speak, Being quiet is fine, but do not be too much.