Habits Of Inviting Dental Plaque And Cause Cavities

Habits Of Inviting Dental Plaque And Cause Cavities

Since childhood, we'd have been taught to maintain the cleanliness of teeth, at least with regular brushing, so that healthy teeth and no holes. But, really we've been keeping my teeth properly? Consider the following five bad habits which is the trigger plaque.

Habits Of Inviting Dental Plaque

If not cleaned properly, food scraps tucked along the bacteria will be attached to the tooth. Then over time will form colonies called plaque, which is a thin film layer, sticky, and no color.

Habits Of Inviting Dental Plaque And Cause Cavities
Brushing teeth

Plaque is an ideal place for bacterial growth that can produce acid. If not removed by brushing the teeth, the acid will eventually destroy the tooth enamel and eventually cause cavities.

Rarely Brushing teeth

Maybe other people will not notice if you do not brush my teeth twice a day. However, we know that teeth will suffer the consequences.

That is why, always brush your teeth at least twice a day using fluoride toothpaste were. Proper tooth brushing technique is not too important as long as you brush your teeth with a soft whole surface of the tooth.

Rejecting vegetables

Long before a toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste were there, some types of food plays an important role in removing plaque on the teeth. Vegetables and fruits are eaten with the skin is a natural Scrubb to remove plaque.

Less Accurate Cleaning

Use dental floss (dental floss) is also very important to clean the area- areas difficult to reach by a toothbrush, especially antargigi areas and also in the crowded teeth.

Sweet tooth

Sweet foods, coffee, softdrink, and cigarettes can cause a thin layer on the tooth called the stain. Stain layer also allows food and bacteria on the teeth, which eventually form a plaque.

Laziness to the dentist

Teeth with regular brushing, it was difficult to clean plaque perfectly. This plaque is left to harden over time and become so difficult to remove tartar. To overcome this problem, ask for help from a dentist. According to research, people who rarely go to the dentist more prone to cavities or bleeding gums that causes teeth easily dated.