Foods And Drinks Make Active Detrusor Muscle Work

Foods And Drinks Make Active Detrusor Muscle Work

Overactive bladder (OAB) is a condition of detrusor muscle lining the bladder becomes very active. Until now has not found the exact cause, but one of them is nervous disorders that arise due to the influence of age. But. in addition, food and drinks we consume can make active detrusor muscle work.

Foods And Drinks Make Active Detrusor Muscle Work

Beverages Make Active Detrusor Muscle Work


Whatever its form, ranging from beer, wine, or liquor will make us a lot of urine production despite the fact that drinking alcohol will also make you dehydrated. Work patterns of alcoholic beverages are ordered to intervene brain nerve detrusor muscle work. As a result detrusor muscle will work more actively when we consume alcohol. Thus, it can be what happens in people with OAB if fond of drinking alcohol.

Carbonated beverages:

Drink bubbly this will make us sensitive and bladder irritation. So for people with OAB, not just carbonated beverages should be reduced, but should be avoided. In fact we are without OAB but very often drink carbonated beverages like soda or soft drinks (soft drinks), will trigger the emergence of the sensitivity of the detrusor muscle.

Coffee, tea, colas, and energy drinks:

These drinks contain caffeine. In the body, caffeine is a diuretic known as the stimulation of production or body fluids. The people with OAB are asked to limit consumption of caffeine for detrusor muscle did not become sensitive.

Acid drinks:

Orange juice, lemon, or fruit containing acid will irritate the bladder. This irritation which then will make us easy to urinate.

Foods Make Active Detrusor Muscle Work


Sweet foods contain caffeine, then we should treat it the same as other caffeine drinks. And unfortunately there's no chocolate decaf decaf alias, then what can be done chocolate lovers who happened to OAB?


Vegetables red round also has acid in it which can irritate the bladder. Even the usual tomato sauce we add the spaghetti to make the nerves controlling the sensor triggered the production of urine us and make us pacing the bathroom.

Pickles, meats, and canned fish:

Try to see if every time we eat canned-food desire to urinate get higher? If so, that means we should avoid these foods. The content of nitrate and acid in it to trigger irritation of the bladder, followed by the high sensitivity of the detrusor muscle.


This fruit acids have properties similar to orange juice in the list above. Pain indicates a citric acid in pineapple that can irritate the bladder.

Food MSG:

Substance added to foods such as MSG or food coloring will make us more irritable bladder. That's why we need to read food labels carefully. Or to be more secure, cook our own food so that the bladder remains protected.

Especially for people with OAB, it should look kind of food and beverages consumed for no overactive detrusor muscle. However, it does not mean we should limit the intake of fluid into the body of this because it could be the emergence of new problems. New problem in question is a urinary tract infection which would hamper the process of excretion.

Ideally, one person consume 8 glasses of water every day. This amount is yet to be equipped with a 20 percent water from food. So there is no reason to reduce the fluid that enters the body, whether through drink or food, just that we need to choose a safe haven for our detrusor muscle.