Eye Retina Can Escape

Eye Retina Can Escape

The retina is a thin and transparent tissue of light-sensitive and composed of cells and nerve fibers. These retinal cells that capture images and distribute it to the brain via the optic nerve.

These cases usually occur in someone who was middle-aged or older. But not this possibility occur in infants and children.

Eye Retina Can Escape

Most of the release of the retina are the result of one or more small tears or holes in the retina. Sometimes 'aging process' which normal also can cause the retina to be thinner and less healthy.

But more often result in damage and tearsin retina is the shrinking of the corpus vitreum , clearmaterial such as gelatin that fills the center of the eye .

Corpus vitreum is closely attached to the retina at several locations around the back of the eye wall. When the corpus vitreum shrink, he can attract some of the retina with him, causing a tear or hole in the retina.

In most cases, the new retina loose after a major change in the structure of the corpus vitreum. The liberation from the retina can also be caused by eye diseases such as tumors, severe inflammation or from complications of diabetes, called secondary retinal detachments. In these cases the retina can be back to normal by treatment of a disease that causes the release of the retina.

Middle-aged people sometimes see floating black spots and flashes of light. This should be wary as a sign of shrinkage of the corpus vitreum. For that immediately consult a physician for appropriate action can be taken. Please note, the release of the retina can not close the possibility of no marked spots or flashes of black.