Drinking Water Before Eating Make Slim?

Drinking Water Before Eating Make Slim?

One trick that is often used fans of good food, but do not want to gain weight, is to drink a glass of water before eating. The reason is simple, with drinking water, the stomach will feel full so that hunger is reduced. As a result, the number of bribery that goes into your mouth any less.

Drinking Water Before Eating Make Slim

Recently, scientists announced their findings regarding the correlation between drinking water and body weight. In a randomized study, researchers from Virginia Tech observed a group of people who are overweight 55-year-old for three months.

All respondents underwent a low-calorie diet. Half were asked to drink two cups of water before eating. At the end of the study proved that the weight of people who are accustomed to drinking water will be reduced approximately 15.5 pounds (about 7 kg), whereas those who do not drink water only decreased 4.9 kg.

Research in 2008 also showed similar results, namely weight reduction up to 13 percent in people who drink water before breakfast.

However, another study in 2007 showed slightly different results. It said that drinking water 30 minutes before eating it to reduce your calorie intake and hunger. However, this effect is only obtained by someone older. In people whose age is less than 35 years, the benefits of drinking water before meals is not very pronounced.

It is not clear why it happened. However, experts suspect the elderly man who started it has the risk of weight gain is higher.

That's why experts concluded that drinking water before eating can reduce calorie intake. However, the impact is more pronounced in people who began the elderly.