Disease Attacks Child In The Night And How To Handle

Disease Attacks Child In The Night And How To Handle

The disease is often approached in an inappropriate time. In children, at midnight is the time that is most susceptible to recurrence of disease. In fact, usually everyone just fell asleep and often not thinking clearly. As a result, parents often panic when suddenly ill find her baby.

Here is a disease that often affects the child at night, the originator, and how to handle it. However, for children aged under four months, call your doctor immediately if you find the conditions that lead to emergency, such as high fever or shortness of breath.


Disease Attacks Child In The Night And How To Handle
Fever in child

Body temperature will naturally rise towards the evening. That is why, the child experienced fever during the day will continue to rise as she slept.

What to do if her body temperature had reached 38 degrees celsius, you can give a febrifuge (paracetamol). Check his temperature every four hours. Paracetamol can be given every four hours if the body temperature does not go down well. For children aged less than three months, immediately contact a doctor if his fever does not go down.

In addition to medicine, make sure the child is not dehydrated. Give breast milk if she is still nursing or white water for older children before the children go back to sleep.


Cough followed by shortness of breath is usually caused by infection with the virus is hiding in the upper respiratory tract and attack when the child has a cold and cause inflammation. Symptoms of cough is often worse at night because blood flow changes in the airway when the child lay.

Ibuprofen drug is usually effective for reducing swelling in the airway that causes shallow breaths. Also, make sure the child does not freeze, give a blanket or jacket. Bring the child into the open air for a few minutes his breathing became relaxed channel.

Asthma and allergies

If your child has asthma or certain allergies, you may quite often wake up at night, because of illness relapse. Many factors that cause this disease often occurs at night.

Disease Attacks Child In The Night And How To Handle
At night, cortisol levels in the body decreases, whereas these hormones have a protective effect against asthma.

Another cause is the increase in histamine, which triggers an asthma attack. Another factor is the number of allergens, like dust mites or animal dander in a child's room, an increase when the children are asleep.

What to do if an asthma attack happened at night, give an antihistamine. When these attacks happen often, you can ask your doctor injection immunotherapy to enhance immune.


Ear infections, both in the middle ear and ear canal, can cause pain and fever. More than 90 percent of children at least have had an ear infection before the age of seven years.

This disease is getting worse at night because there were lying down, causing fluid collection pressure on the ear.

To treat middle ear infections or reduce the blockage in the nose and sinuses, usually the doctor will give medicine. Therefore, if your child suffers from frequent ear infections until more than three times in six months, you'd better have a backup drug ear infections.