Common Mistakes When You Diet

Common Mistakes When You Diet

Do not eat vegetables and fruits in adequate amounts.

People who fail diets usually only feel satisfaction after eating foods high in calories. To work around this, add a little olive oil or butter in the diet. As soon as you get back to hunger signals, you will learn that the olive oil and butter not only make the food more delicious, but also increase the value of satisfaction.

Common Mistakes When You Diet

One type of food consumption

The body requires at least 30 different types of food in a week to supply the need for nutrients. When the diet is implemented to reduce one type of nutrients, such as the body had orders to keep eating until you get the kind of nutrients it needs.

Diet too perfect

Obey all the forbidden foods can make us on the condition of bingeing when food is encountered. Consumption should remain in small portions.

Many snack and eat high-calorie drinks.

Despite its small size, usually fattening snacks, as well as alcohol. Especially alcohol, are often wrong signal that the body is starving.

No physical activity in sufficient quantities

It is best to moderate exercise, with a portion of 60-90 minutes, every day. Choose walking hurriedly that can be done at any time.