Benefits Of Water For Metabolism

Benefits Of Water For Metabolism

The number of water that we drink till 8 glass always connected to our health, where we must drink for 2 litter or 8 glasses a day. This is caused the water is the source of nutrient. It mean that water have an important task in body.

Benefits Of Water For Metabolism

Regulating body temperature

Water Produce hot, absorb and deliver heat to the entire body, So can keep the body temperature remains stable.


The body produces a variety of metabolic waste that is not needed, including toxins. Various metabolic waste is excreted through the urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, and skin, all of these process need media. it's namely water.

Forming cells and body fluids

The main components of the cell, except the fat cells, are: water, ie 70-85 per cent. Water plays an important role in the formation of various body fluids, like blood, gastric fluids, hormones, enzymes and so forth. In addition, water is also present in muscle and is useful to maintain muscle tone so that muscles are able to contract.


Water dissolves more nutrients, and helps in digestion of food. Because water is an inorganic substance, water is not ingested.

Lubricant and bearing

Water also serves as a lubricant in the form of joint fluid, which allows joints to move properly and reduce friction between the joints.

Media transport

Because it's structure consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, water easily moves from one cell compartment, to another cell comparatment, from one body system to another system. Water is an effective transport medium. In the respiratory system, Water help transport the oxygen throughout the body.