Benefits Of Garlic To Maintain Healthy

Benefits Of Garlic To Maintain Healthy

Garlic is a fruit used for medical purposes. Garlic has great medicinal properties, because it contains elements of volatile oils and elements of sulfate.

The history of garlic has been going on for ages, referring to 3,000 years BC. This fruit has been used by the Babylonians Nations as well as medicinal food. Similarly, Greeks and Ancient Egyptians. The Greeks refer to it as 'antidote'.

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15 Benefits of Garlic

Benefits Of Garlic To Maintain Healthy

1. Stimulates digestion.

2. Cleaning the hull.

3. Stopping diarrhea caused by microbes.

4. Stopping dysentery.

5. Beneficial to the nerves.

6. Avoid decay in the stomach.

7. If mixed with milk that has been acidified, then it could be used to remove kidney stones and relieve kidney pain.

8. Relieve shortness of breath and itching. That is by way of making drink garlic with 2 tablespoons dark honey and garlic is peeled and milled and then allowed between 2-3 hours. 1 tablespoon herb is drunk at the time began to cough.

Benefits Of Garlic To Maintain Healthy

9. Treat diseases such as respiratory tract caused by whooping cough. It could also be given to the children about 10-12 drops of garlic water is mixed with lemon, give it every 4 hours.

10. Maintaining and keeping blood pressure, activate the motion of the heart, stimulating blood circulation and to treat hardening of the arteries.

11. Garlic, parsley, olive oil and lemon juice can be used to destroy kidney stones.

12. Garlic also has softening properties. It is therefore commonly used to treat constipation.

13. Recently the garlic they put out a drug called aniodul inserted into the capsule and sealed in order to easily consumed to treat typhoid.

Benefits Of Garlic To Maintain Healthy
Garlic have many benefits

14. Garlic oil is volatile and the water has properties to kill various types of microbes that cause some diseases. Even more influential than the onion.

15. Garlic can also kill worms in children's stomachs and cleanses the stomach. Therefore, it is advisable to give one glass of milk to children in the morning. Followed by heating up a few grains of garlic in boiling water and give it to children as a laxative. It was shown to kill worms that come out with feces.