Benefits And Effect Of Water On Body

Benefits And Effect Of Water On Body

Water is the first component in human body, even about 55% our weight is water. Without water the creature impossible to growth and thrive, because the water very vital component for body chemistry reaction. 

Benefits And Effect Of Water On Body

Benefits And Effect Of Water On Body


The body is well hydrated, will make a sharper memory, mood stable and better motivated. If sufficient water in the body is good, our ability to solve problems will also increase. Scientists say water shortages will cause the flow of oxygen to the brain area is reduced so that the nerve cells shrink while. No wonder the people who thirst is usually difficult to concentrate.


Dehydration will cause a decrease in blood volume so that the heart will work harder to pump blood to the cells are not starved of oxygen. As a result of light physical activity such as climbing stairs or running will feel more exhausting.


When the adequacy of fluid are met, the water inside and outside the cell contracts the muscles that function to provide adequate nutrition and disposal process takes place efficiently so the body will be good performance. Water is also important to lubricate the joints. But the muscle cramps are not associated with dehydration, but because of muscle fatigue.


If someone is suffering from severe dehydration, the skin becomes less elastic. This condition is different from the dry skin, usually caused by chemicals in soap, hot water or exposed to dry air. Unfortunately, drinking enough water will not prevent wrinkles.


Benefits And Effect Of Water On Body

The kidneys need to filter the liquid "waste" of blood circulation and get rid of through urine. Adequacy of fluid will also help prevent urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Severe dehydration will cause the kidneys stop functioning, so that the toxin or toxins accumulate in the body.

Blood circulation

Body heat issue with the way blood vessels dilate near the skin surface, so the blood flow faster and more heat is released. When we are dehydrated, it takes a higher temperature environment in order to widen the blood vessels so that we will remain hot.


Water will keep the throat and lips more moist and keep the mouth dryness. Dry mouth conditions that can trigger bad breath and bad taste, even cavities.