Anemia In Pregnancy: Pregnant Women Note

Anemia In Pregnancy: Pregnant Women Note

Pregnant women is still common.  Disease Anemia may be because there has been anemic as before pregnancy, or anemia can also occur because of pregnancy.

Pregnancy can cause anemia during pregnancy is an increase volume of blood so that red blood cells is relatively lower. In addition, reduced food intake because of nausea and vomiting and risk of bleeding at the time of delivery will also increase the risk of anemia.

Anemia In Pregnancy Pregnant Women Note

If the hemoglobin in the first trimester of pregnancy under 11 g/dL, and the second and third trimesters below 10 g/dL, it was considered anemic. Effect of state of anemia on pregnancy depends on the degree of anemia.

If the anemia is mild, may influence barely existed. However, if the hemoglobin below 6 g/dL, the mother will feel quickly tired, and even cardiac dysfunction can occur. Routinely in pregnancy usually need to be examined hemoglobin so it can be therapeutic. The cause of anemia in pregnancy is often due to lack of iron.

Symptoms of anemia in anemic pregnant women the same as that experienced by adults, the mother becomes not fit, lethargic, weak, tired, tired, neglected (5L). Pregnant women also become frequent headaches, dizzy eyes, even to fainting, easy drowsiness, shortness of breath, decreased immune system, and easily fall ill.

Anemia in pregnant women can not be allowed, because this can cause fatal, both in pregnant women or in infants, because it can cause deformed babies, long labor, premature birth, and congenital defects of the baby.

To overcome Anemia at pregnant women should eat iron and folic acid, and this can be obtained by eating a balanced diet. In case of anemia, the doctor will usually give iron supplements and folic acid. If it comes to severe anemia, the handling is like a blood transfusion may be needed, depending on how it case.