10 Tips Dental Care Naturally

10 Tips Dental Care Naturally

Dental health is everybody's dream, because if your teeth hurt then do any activity so less excited, so that our productivity declining, here are some tips on how to care for natural teeth, so teeth become healthy, clean and not porous.

10 Tips Dental Care Naturally

Tips on how to care for natural teeth

Brush your teeth with the routine once every 12 hours is the basic rule that you must do to get white teeth. These habits can protect the teeth and plaque from the stubborn stains.

Watch your toothbrush. Replace your toothbrush at least once a month.

Avoid drinking coffee and red wine. Usually the two drinks that can leave stains in teeth immediately.

Avoid smoking. Smoking is the quickest way to change the color to yellow teeth.

Eat vegetables because there are vegetables can clean teeth naturally.

Strawberries turned out to have a natural effect that can whiten your teeth, because the fruit contains high levels of vitamin C. Strawberry frequently to drink juice. and do not dispose of the waste. Take it and rub the pulp in teeth after a hushed moment, gargle. Do it regularly to get the maximum results.

Rub lemon rind on your teeth can also whiten your teeth. Do it regularly so the results can last a long time.

Take advantage of dental floss to clean between teeth, at least once a day. 

Use a toothpaste that has the formula to whiten your teeth as recommended by your doctor.

Consult the dentist at least once a year subscription.