What Should You Do To Deal With Kidney Stone Disease?

What Should You Do To Deal With Kidney Stone Disease?

Normally, no one wants to fall ill. But if you overdo the disease has come, do not dawdle, do the treatment immediately as optimal as possible. If allowed to drag on, the more severe illness, and greater treatment costs. In the case of kidney stone disease and urinary tract, severe kidney damage will force you to wash the blood throughout life.

What Should You Do To Deal With Kidney Stone Disease
Kidney Stone Disease

The following steps will help you during kidney disease

Pay attention to symptoms.

Not all back pain a sign of kidney stones. This disease has several characteristic symptoms that are related to each other. If these symptoms seem, you should be suspicious.

Common symptoms of kidney stone disease are:

Pain or aching in the back of the upper waist or rather under the last rib.

At some level of pain inflicted stabbing pain, radiating to the side to follow the urinary tract. Not urinate smoothly. Desire exist but repeatedly issued back only slightly. Frequent urine reddish. This is a sign of urinary tract walls scratched or injured by stone chips. Sometimes it feels pain when urinate. The same time, the water there are pieces of art sand or small stones.

Medical Conduct

Treatment of kidney stone disease should be tailored to the severity of the disease. Simply put, there are three methods of treatment that can be done. Drinking lots of water plus a traditional herb that has diuretic effects (launched urinate). This method works only deal with small stones. Stone diameter less than 4 mm. Drink lots of water will help dilute and dissolve the rock art to easily carry out the body during urination.

Actions stone destruction (liptotripsi)

This method is intended to stone size between 4-30 mm. Having crushed stone, then stone removed through a process of urinating or urinate.

Lithotrypsy can be done with various techniques. It's called ESWL (extra corporeal shock Lithotripsy), which destroys the stone with shock waves which are activated from outside the body. This way most convenient and very minimal pain. Other lithotrypsy technique is crushed stone with ultrasound firing on stone. Lutrasonik wave that enters the body through a hole made in the pelvis or through a small tube inserted through the urinary tract to reach the location of the stone. The cost to do this lithotrypsy a dozen million rupiah reached.

Conducting Operations

These actions have done if the size of the stone more than 30 mm. Could also apply to the stones that are smaller when the patient's condition does not allow lipotripsi enforced. Operation requires no costs less, can reach 2-3 times the cost lithotrypsy. Sometimes, despite surgery, patients still need other treatment measures.

Treatment if relapse

If you've ever suffered from kidney stones, do not let this disease came over. Once or twice might not be a problem. But for the long term, your kidney is at stake. Not a bit of kidney failure occurs begins with kidney stones treatment that is not perfect.

The following tips can help minimize the recurrence of kidney stones pain:

- Expand drinking water

- Eat all things necessary, do not overdo it.

Many cases of kidney stones occur because the precipitation of vitamin C, uric acid, calcium, and magnesium excess.

- Expand the motion. Sitting or lying down too long to make the bones release calcium motivated. This could trigger the formation of stones in the kidney and urinary tract.

Hopefully these tips can help us in maintaining our kidney health.