What Should Be Avoided In order To Smooth Skin

What Should Be Avoided In order To Smooth Skin

Food intake affects the health and appearance of the skin to keep it looking beautiful. Here are the foods (and drinks) that should be avoided if you want to maximize pretty healthy skin.

Salty snacks

Murad, renowned dermatologist, states that sodium intake can suck the moisture and makes skin dry. This is what causes eye bags, swollen eyes, and swollen. Avoid salty snacks to still look beautiful.


Just like sodium, alcohol makes the skin dry. Alcohol makes the top layer of blood vessels, which produce some form of inflammation of skin damage.

Fried foods

When heated to high temperatures, vegetable oils such as those used in most fast food restaurants could lead to 4-hydroxy-trans-2-nonenal which is also called HNE. This can cause dead skin cells. Dead skin can cause dry skin, chapped, and dull.

Refined carbohydrates

This means candy, cakes, and other processed foods. Such foods full of sugar and white flour that makes the supply of androgens, hormones in the body's production of oil, rising. A study showed that low-sugar diet participants who do not have a lot of acne than those who consume more processed food. Worse, these carbohydrates can cause glycation, collagen and elastin that make it easier to absorb and damaged by free radicals.

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