Tricks of Successful Diets

Tricks of Successful Diets

In undergoing slimming program, which should not be overlooked is the health aspect. Do not let the diet program that made it dangerous to health. This time we try to distribute seven dietary tricks from experts who have tested its safety.

Tricks of Successful Diets

Do not get addicted to sweet foods

It's hard to resist munching donuts, potato chips, or a piece of chocolate. But know of research on mice shows that foods including junk foods that have the same effect on the brain like a drug.

Taste delicious and convenient foods that may arise after consuming only temporary so that dopamine receptors will send a signal to the brain to increase the intake of carbohydrates governing body. Therefore, we do not limit yourself to obsess made.

Avoid sugar corn

A study shows high fructose corn syrup (high fructose corn syrup / HFCS) was significantly increased body weight compared with sugary drinks, even though both have the same number of calories.

That difference comes from the way the body processes these two sweeteners. Both are made from fructose and glucose, but in the second sugar binding components to each other so take the extra step to metabolized. In a HFCS, glucose and fructose has been separated so easily absorbed by the body.

HFCS is not only found in sodas, but also on the bread, cereal, canned fruit, juices, jams as well.

Eating more often

Tricks of Successful Diets

The main mistake dieters make is they wait too long between meals. Hours on an empty stomach can make someone really need a high energy from carbohydrates. As a result it will be difficult to choose healthy foods and no longer care about food portions.

Notice the breakfast menu

Whatever you busy today, got himself to breakfast. Select a menu high in protein because it proved to make the stomach feel full longer and reduce your appetite throughout the day. This advice seemed to obligatory attempted by those who want to slim.

Change mood

Results of research from Cornell University said, one of the tips for successful dieting is to change the environment or atmosphere. For example using a smaller plate or hide the jar of snacks from your view. This simple trick was considered more powerful tool to help you lose weight rather than telling people to change their habits.

Choose foods with low glycemic index

Glycemic index foods is the ability of a material increase in blood sugar levels. The more rapid rise in blood sugar levels, insulin levels in the body becomes unstable. This can lead to obesity and diabetes. Fiber-rich foods have low glycemic index value than sweet foods, processed foods, or carbohydrate.