Tips For Keeping Child's Teeth Stay Healthy

Tips For Keeping Child's Teeth Stay Healthy

When does a child should be brought to start a routine visit to the dentist? Is 3-year-old child should begin to brush your teeth? Such questions often asked by parents. Parents often feel in doubt about the right time to start caring for their child teeth.

Are Baby Teeth can also Experiencing Damage?

Tips For Keeping Child's Teeth Stay Healthy

Tooth decay in infants can occur when parents have bad habits like letting your baby sleep with a milk bottle in his mouth. According to several pediatric dentist, these habits can damage your baby if left continuously. Sugar contained in milk teeth attached to hold the baby for hours on end can damage tooth enamel. Initially the color changes can occur on the front teeth. Eventually, if left tooth cavity can occur. Parents also need time to get used to drink regular milk because milk bottle to suck continuously throughout the day can damage baby teeth.

When is The Right Time To Start Dental care for children?

Proper dental care should begin even before the baby starts to grow his first tooth. Although not visible, the tooth actually been formed since the second trimester of pregnancy. At birth, a baby already has 20 milk teeth in the jaw.

A damp cloth to rub gently into your baby's gums after eating can prevent the accumulation of bacteria-destroying bacteria. Once a child has some teeth that had grown, she should be introduced with a toothbrush. Use a toothbrush especially for children who have a soft feather brush.

How to Prevent Dental arise hole?

We recommend that a child was taken to visit the dentist at age one year. Your dentist will explain how to clean teeth properly. Your dentist also will check the health of your child's teeth. Such initial visit can help identify problems that may arise. In addition, this visit can make a child become accustomed to and is not afraid of the dentist.

Tooth decay can occur because the food on the teeth and not be cleaned. Food will be forming a kind of acid that can damage teeth layers. When the layer is damaged, the tooth will arise tooth cavity.

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day can keep your teeth health. Children age 2 or 3 years has begun to use toothpaste when brushing their teeth as long as the supervised parent. Toothpaste given do not need much. Make sure the child spits out his teeth toothpaste after brushing teeth.

Tips For Keeping Child's Teeth Stay Healthy

Should My Child Is Taken Into Specific Dentist?

Child's teeth should be examined at a special dental care for children or commonly referred to a pediatric dentist (pediatric dentist). Pediatric dentist can treat a variety of dental health problems commonly faced by children.

Pediatric dentist to work with the aim of preventing dental problems before the arise, and care through regular checkups to stay healthy teeth and gums.