Tips for Healthy Teeth and White

Tips for Healthy Teeth and White

Healthy teeth can boost appearance. The reason is, beautiful smile is closely related to healthy teeth, white, lined up, and strong.

Tips for Healthy Teeth and White
Healthy Teeth and White

Regular teeth cleaning and dental check, and limit foods that contain excess sugar is one way that you must do. But not only that, the food you eat also affect your dental health.

If you want to have healthy teeth, there are several lists of foods to avoid and what you can consume.

List of foods that you must avoid are candy

Chewing food peak position that you should avoid. Some specific types of candy is worse effect on the teeth. Strongly Mengemut candy or sweet chewing the afternoon is the worst thing you've ever done because it can damage the teeth. Sugar content of the candy will still stick to the teeth in the duration of time long enough, and this of course the main cause of tooth decay.

Therefore, you can replace the candy with a piece of cheese or a piece of sugar free gum. Cheese is rich in calcium also one of the ingredients needed by the teeth, and gums, and can increase the saliva in your mouth to neutralize the remaining acid from sweet foods you eat.

Foods that you should consume for White Teeth and Healthy

Healthy eating can contribute to your beautiful smile. Foods that contain antioxidants also contribute to strengthen the gums stay healthy teeth and prevent the gathering of plaque on teeth. Vitamin C, flavanoids and coenzim Q10 is a good content for a healthy smile because they serve to protect the gums from damage.

Your smile is the most important asset. You can keep it by choosing the right foods, and you will look more impressive with the white teeth and healthy and more beautiful smile.

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