Some Tips For Your Skin, Hair

Some Tips For Your Skin, Hair

Your skin also needs to the food likes you eat food, food for this skin is vitamin, so choose the food that is good for you. Because food that eat also can determine to your beauty. Ageless is one of the matter that wanted so much by every individual, in this case almond at most contain substance for avoid from the old.

Almond besides rich with vitamin E, also contain many fatty acids that is substance to watch over skin so that elastic permanent.This almond is the same good with counters oxidant, but almond contains tall/high total calorie, so if you afraid in fatting, don’t consume the almond in the high portion.

Some Tips For Your Skin, Hair

If you want your hair looked beautiful and shimmer, consumption the food that contains many vitamins B, this vitamin B can you get in egg, milk, green vegetable and bird meat.

In guard the hair in beautiful, besides vitamin B, silica also necessary to care hair wells, shimmer, and not breakable. For you that consuming silica, this is can be got in gandung, onion, and touge.

To prevent scaly skin and dry eat fish, especially fish salmon that oleaginous and omega 3, and fatty acids definitive very good to brighten and moisten skin.

Good news may be for you that long wage war with acne, accord the watchfulness the acne can be destroyed with consuming supplement that contain zinc. According to the watchfulness, a people that consuming supplement that contain zinc during three months, the acne decreases 85%. in this time many supplement many that contain zinc. But if you want to get zinc from natural source, you can consuming turkey chicken, sea food, milk, and egg.

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