How you Maintaining Infant Health

How you Maintaining Infant Health

Milk bottles when babies sleep

How you Maintaining Infant Health

Actually, milk bottles for a baby just to lighten your task. Because bottle feeding in infants who wake at night can make you a more practical and baby were fast asleep again. But the real bottle-feeding can interfere with infant development. Milk sediment gathered in the gums can be a child. In addition, little ear infection so easily, because they drink milk get into the channel eustachius. This channel is the link between the back of the throat and ears of the rear. So, when should give the milk bottle, pick up the little baby's head. After that sleeping baby without a bottle of milk. It's a little messy, but it's for your baby's health.

Vitamins for kids

When eating a good boy, really extra vitamins are not necessary. If you still want to give vitamin supplements to children, give them as needed, because the vitamin is very helpful if the child is really needed. For example vitamins to increase appetite, vitamin supplement of iron, and so forth.

Drying the baby in the morning

Babies need to dry them in the morning to warm the body, but should not force this activity every day. So, assuming that the baby should be dried in the sun every day is not entirely correct. Even if you are drying your baby, no need for long, just 10-15 minutes before eight o'clock in the morning. This is important for babies born in yellow. Because sunlight is able to describe the bilirubin into water soluble and is released as urine.

Cold showers make the baby stronger

There is a myth that says a baby bath with cold water can make the baby stronger body resistance. Myth is certainly not true. Actually cold water can make a baby burning and metabolism increasing. So that food could be discharged in the body to regulate body temperature. Infants may eventually become exhausted and sick easily. Babies should be bathed with warm water. Do not linger try bathing the baby and children directly in warm afterwards.
How you Maintaining Infant Health

Baby bedwetting

Up above the age of two years, naturally if the baby is still wetting the bed. Because urine controls were not functioning perfectly. Nevertheless, teaches baby pee earlier will be better, so that at age two he was able to control the annual bladder. If until the age of two years still wet the bed, be aware of the possibility of biological or psychological problems.

Baby slobber

Very fair if a baby slobber. For infants up to age 4 years, will be active in producing saliva. But if excessive salivation, the possibility of inflammation or infection in the oral cavity. Saliva is also a sign of when the baby will be teething. Saliva in the baby's mother is not happening due to the desire time containing not met.

Sweaty babies

The presumption that a child who was always healthy and a lot of sweating it is not true. Actually, excessive perspiration that came out was not a healthy sign. However there are certain disorders, such as stress, excessive thyroid function, low blood sugar, and excess weight. You should be aware if the child's excessive perspiration.