Healthy Way Of Life: Get The Quality Of Life Better

Healthy Way Of Life: Get The Quality Of Life Better

Health disturbances can appear at any time, especially if we are unmindful of the symptoms and causes. without We realize lifestyle and eating pattern that is not healthy is the main cause of factors. Although there are other causes that can not be avoided, such as genetic factors, environmental pollution.

Healthy Way Of Life Get The Quality Of Life Better
Get The Quality Of Life Better

To stay healthy, there are many ways to get it. One of them, follow the 5 steps and get the quality of life better:

Clean air, the lungs are healthy

To avoid interference from respiratory, breathe in the air, a clean and healthy. How? Need not be bothered looking for mountain air, the morning air was very good for your lungs. Besides avoiding the tar blackened the air, such as cigarette smoke, dust, smoke or vehicle. Clean the house and work the room regularly, including furniture, fan and AC.

Consumption of nutritious and balanced menu

Choose a menu with an adequate nutrition, balanced, and varied. consume lots of green vegetables and fruits that contain lots of fiber and vitamin fiber body is needed. As much as possible avoid junk food and processed food, and reduce consumption of salt and sugar. One more, do not forget breakfast! Because breakfast can support our activities throughout the day.

Balance between work, exercise and rest.

Working hard without a break there is no there for you. Often rest regularly 7-8 hours of at night, and often do not wait up or sleep the night too. Try to use leisure time to exercise lightly or just relax musculature joint.
With exercise 2 - 3 times a week, for 30 - 45 minutes, enough to make the body shape and the prima stamina.

White water is the best of any drink. 

Often drink white water until 8-10 glasses of a day. This habit will help maintain kidney function and smooth channel urine. Strive to drink warm water at night and cool water (not ice water) in the afternoon. Also add a little orange extract or lemon lime. In addition to good to refresh ourselves, with drink this can help remove the toxin from the body.

Control of brain

Brain, as well as our bodies, he also needs a rest. Do not give too much burden, because the brain also has a limited memory. Do in leisure time activities that make the brain work more relaxed, eg make a fun hobby, like painting, reading the latest novel or just listening to music.