First Aid In Children: Mastered The Proper Way To Handle It

First HAid In Children: Mastered The Proper Way To Handle It

That usptoms of serious illnesses. Recoually happens when Little ill complain. In fact, it could be, the complaint did not show any symgnize that complaints often leveled, and mastered the proper way to handle it.

First Aid In Children Mastered The Proper Way To Handle It
First Aid In Children

Flu, Cough, Colds

Cold cough is a disease of the rainy season and transition subscriptions. Coughing caused by a viral infection such as influenza, can heal itself in three to five days. The most important feeding and drinking enough. Do not be provided with food and drinks that stimulate the emergence of a cough. For example, chocolate, instant noodles, ice.

Provision of free cough medicine tailored to the type of his cough. No mucus to cough that is holding were given cough medicine (antitusif). Mucoid cough cough medicine given specifically for slimy. If the cough does not subside after 3 days treated yourself, take it to the doctor immediately.

While the characteristics of the flu are the body's temperature rises, the body feels weak, and headaches. Then, clear the snot out too long from his nose thickens. The disease is rapidly transmitted through air. If the child's condition was not healthy, easy to catch. Equipment provided warm meals and drink enough water, plenty of rest. If not healed well, take it to the doctor.

Try to keep giving your child a lot of drinking. Give warm water, milk, or fruit juice. If the nose is blocked aid by inhaling steam from a basin of warm water.


Fever is not a disease but a symptom of a disease. Fever is one of the conditions that often befall the children. But there are also dangerous. For example, high fever or are related to respiratory tract. That is why, he says, as light as any fever should be addressed immediately.

Immediately measure every time a child with a fever thermometer. Approximately 30-50 percent of the fever caused by infection. The largest is the upper respiratory tract infections (ARI), dengue fever, and typhoid fever. Alert if the temperature of more than 41 degrees Celsius, because it can damage the tissue on the central nervous system (brain).

Detailed action taken depending on the type heat. Tolerance limits on a child's body temperature 38 degrees Celsius. First step is to give febrifuge, as he sought the cause of the fever. Wear loose clothes and absorb sweat so that your child does not kegerakan, and place it in the room air circulates well. If the high heat can be aided by warm water compress on the head area, underarms, and groin.

If the heat does not need to be brought down to the doctor, it may be just the common cold due to environmental factors or temperature. Give enough to eat and drink. Bring to a doctor if the fever does not subside after three days treatment itself. For children who have a talent seizure without delay. Immediately take your child to the doctor so the temperature past the normal limit.

Diarrhea and vomiting

Diarrhea is a watery discharge sewage which more often than usual. In a day could be three times or more diarrhea and no shaped aka liquid stools. In fact, can form mucoid fluid or no blood. May be accompanied by vomiting, refusing to drink, limp, eyes look sunken.

Diarrhea can cause dehydration and shock, even death. First Aid usually replaces the liquid that had come out to give ORS to the child. ORS is the same composition with a liquid that comes out from diarrhea. Warned: do not give your child medication for adult diarrhea. It's dangerous, because kumannya detained, not out, could result in worse.

If you do not have a supply of ORS at home, the liquid sugar can be replaced with a salt solution, consisting of one teaspoon of sugar and 0.5 teaspoons of salt with a glass of water. If a child is unwilling to drink ORS or sugar mixture of salt, give him a vegetable juices, mineral water, or broth.

If diarrhea containing blood, immediately take it to the doctor. Similarly, if the diarrhea does not heal within three days. "Take also go to the doctor if vomiting continues, and given intravenous fluids."


There are many types of seizures. Seizures of short duration is called simple, while that lasted about 15 minutes called complex febrile seizures. The causes varied, such as epilepsy (epilepsy), muscle spasms / cramps, or seizures due to fever.

Because of epileptic seizures occur when the attack occurred. If your child suffered from epilepsy, keep it away from trigger attacks, such as emotional disturbances (stress, tension, anxiety), the light was blinking. If convulsions appear, try the pain gets free air, trying to stop his seizures, since seizures can damage brain cells.

Wedge child's mouth with a spoon wrapped in a cloth, because the condition makes the patient seizure was unconscious so his tongue "falls". If not elevated, teeth can be broken, his tongue could be bitten, and even breaki. Then, lay the child on the bed. The important thing to be free of air flow there is no load. Parents who have children often have to provide drug seizures are usually inserted into the rectum.

If the child has the "talent" febrile seizures, ie seizures in children aged 3 months - 5 years was not caused abnormalities in the head or another, be aware when your baby's body temperature to rise above 38 degrees Celsius.


If your baby falls for everyday events parents need not panic. If you fall cause abrasion accompanied by bleeding, stop bleeding with sterile cotton, then wash out the wound, and give an antiseptic. For bruises can be eliminated by means of ice water compresses or ice cubes wrapped in a cloth. If the bruising that occurs quite wide, immediately take the child to the doctor. "Similarly, if a child falls accompanied by fainting. Immediately bring to the doctor, because a concussion can happen. "

Shortness of breath

Know always crowded because of what history. If the cause of asthma, children from the originator to avoid recurrence of the disease. Among the dust, harsh odors, food and certain beverages. "If you've ever been to the doctor usually doctors equip asthma medications. Stay drunk his medication, if lost no need to go to the doctor again. Else if drunk two or three times does not mean having to go to the doctor lost because of needing the drug more potent. "

In addition to asthma, shortness also be due to many things. If parents do not know the cause, immediate consultation with a doctor's subscription. "It could be caused by ingested foreign bodies that cover the airway." If it really hindered foreign objects swallowed, do not try to retrieve the foreign objects especially if a small object. Lay the child with the head lower, then pat in order to vomit.


Bleeding is a discharge of blood from the blood vessels that can cause functional disorders of the body. If there is bleeding, wounds, or try to stop the bleeding, nosebleeds by pressing the location of bleeding.

In severe bleeding, often accompanied by changes in the general condition of children. For example, fainting. For heavy bleeding conditions, without delay, immediately bring the child to the doctor. Give first aid measures while waiting for the handling of a doctor. "If you know the direction of the pulse, press and pulse for several minutes, then loosen, then press again. Do this several times. "


Can be caused by food poisoning, insecticides, medicines, or hydrocarbons (kerosene, paint, gasoline). Do not store dangerous goods in close reach of children. Quick give help by providing free air in children. Then, open his clothing in order to get oxygen. Remove the poison in a way to stimulate vomiting. Or give substance such as charcoal proanalisa antitoxin. Immediately brought to the doctor to get further treatment.