4 Best Exercises after Appendicitis

4 Best Exercises after Appendicitis

The appendix contains a part human immune system which produces antibodies. When the organ becomes inflamed or swollen (called appendicitis), it may leak and infect abdomen area. In this situation, Appendicitis surgery is necessary.

Surgeons commonly perform an Appendicitis by making small incision in the belly area in order to allow access to remove the appendix. Appendicitis recovery may take days to three weeks depending on your condition, complications, and types of surgery.

In order to fully recover from an Appendicitis, it is recommended that you consume low-residue foods and clear liquids before starting to get back to normal diet. Moreover, you will also need to perform light exercises focusing on abdominal area.

Recovery from Appendicitis normally takes two to four weeks. Besides following strict dietary recommendations, you should also do some exercises to quicken the recovery process. Exercises after Appendicitis should begin with very low intensity. As soon as your body strength returns to normal conditions, you may increase the intensity over time.

Performing exercises after Appendicitis will only quicken up the overall recovery process. Some of the best exercises are briefly outlined as follows.

1. Basic Exercises

4 Best Exercises after Appendicitis
Immobility during the first to second week after Appendicitis is normal. The best exercise to perform after this immobile period is basic training only such as short walk. This type of training is safe and a good way to begin your return to normal daily activities. During the walk, you should really pay attention to your posture or position. You are not allowed to put most of body weights on abdominal muscles.

Another essential thing is that you should only perform this walk in a brief instant period. It is not recommended that you push yourself too hard for extended periods. The main purpose of this training is to slightly restore your conditions; it is suggested that you stop as soon as you are tired.

2. Swimming

Swimming activities seem to be such heavy exercises after Appendicitis, but these trainings can be excellent as long as you swim with low intensity. Free-style swimming actually puts a very small amount of tension to joints and abdominal area. You may start building your training regiments with some short laps only to avoid any possible injury or complications.

3. Bed Exercises

4 Best Exercises after Appendicitis
You can actually perform some light exercises even during the immobile period. Some leg exercises are possibly performed on bed; basic leg lifts and pumps will increase blood flow circulation and logically prevent the formation of blood clots in the lower body parts.

Those bed exercises are very easy because you will not even need to get up from the bed to do so. However, depending on your conditions, you may not be allowed to perform such exercises according to your surgeons. Therefore, it is necessary to consult doctors before trying any possible exercise immediately after the Appendicitis.

4. Passive Abdominal

After few weeks of Appendicitis, your abdominal area will naturally grow stronger. At this condition, you can do some passive abdominal exercise on your bed. You can sit at the edge of the bed and lift both of your legs until they are parallel with the floor.

Hold this position for few seconds. This will effectively strengthen the abdominal muscles. You can do the training for few repetitions until you are tired.

If you consult doctors, perhaps you are allowed to combine all the mentioned trainings in a day. You must remember that exercises after Appendicitis are indeed recommended, but the intensity should be very low to avoid further complications of the surgery wounds.