Youngest Mother - Youngest Mother 10 year Old In Spain

Youngest Mother - Youngest Mother 10 year Old In Spain

Youngest Mother of the world

Spain's press reacted with alarm Wednesday to news that a Ten-year-old girl had given birth.

Newspapers expressed shock at the delighted reaction of the mother of the girl, who reportedly moved from Romania to the small southern Spanish town of Lebrija three weeks earlier.

Photographed smiling outside their modest apartment block, the baby's grandmother, identified only as Olimpia, was quoted telling reporters that she and her only daughter were "very happy" after the birth.

The father of the 2.9 kilo (6.4-pound) baby was Thirteen years old and had remained in Romania
, she said, describing him as her daughter's former boyfriend.

The young mother "is very well, very well, like the daughter who is very well and very pretty," Olimpia was quoted as saying.

The 10-year-old, discharged after three days at a hospital in nearby Juarez where she gave birth, "is very happy with her daughter. This is a great joy. It is not a drama," she reportedly said.

Olimpia could not understand the fuss because "this is the age we get married in Romania," said a newspaper, which broke the story.
National daily said the number of births to girls aged under 15 in Spain had increased to one seventy eight births in 2008 from eighty in 1997.

It also cited 2008 national statistics showing Three eighty six abortions performed on fourteen-year-old girls. In the same year, there was also one abortion for a ten-year-old girl and one for a nine-year-old girl.

According to the paper, experts disagreed on the physiological risks from giving birth so early.

If the mother had not yet completed her development or was malnourished, she could face serious risks, and her own development could even be interrupted, gynecologist Manuel Alonso was quoted as saying.

Another expert, Javier Martinez Sal mean, head of gynecology at the Severo Ochoa Hospital in Leganes, central Spain, said everything depended on the girl's development.

"If she has completed her development and the minor has been cared for there is no reason that there should be a complication," he said.

Giving birth at such a young age presented serious psychological and social risks, it said.
"The body of a minor may be ready for a baby but a girl is not ready to be a mother," child psychologist Carolina Fernandez said.

legal sources said that Spain could not take action if the baby was conceived in Romania, Romania is outside of Spanish Jurisdiction. If the father was only thirteen, he wouldn't have any criminal responsibility for sexual relation with minor.

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