Toasted Skin Syndrome Is related with Laptop Use

Toasted Skin Syndrome Is related with Laptop Use


Placing a laptop computer on your lap may cause a dangerous skin condition called Toasted Skin Syndrome.

In an Oct. 4 article in the journal Pediatrics, Swiss researchers explain that Toasted Skin Syndrome (TSS)  a skin condition caused by long term heat exposure has been observed
recently on a 12-year-old as a result of playing computer games a few hours every day for several months.

Another case involved a Virginia law student who developed a mottled discoloration on her leg in 2007 after spending six hours a day working with her laptop on her lap.

toasted skin syndrome appearance

Characterized by red and brown mottled spots and rashes, TSS has traditionally been found on people who work near extreme heat sources such as wood ovens, coal stoves, or open fires, or on people who abuse heated pads or blankets.

The researchers, Dr Andreas Arnold and Peter Itin from University Hospital Basel, explain that TSS is usually harmless, but can cause permanent skin discoloration, and in very rare instances it can lead to skin cancer. The doctors suggest placing a carrying case or heat shield between the lap and the computer.