The Many Benefits of Colostrum for Health

The Many Benefits of Colostrum for Health

Colostrum contains a variety of strategies that are essential for the survival of those just entering the world.  It is not surprising that this powerhouse nutrient may have multiple health benefits even for adults.

Benefits of Colostrum

Bovine colostrum is a pluripotent health-activating substance.  Colostrum is how extra immune support is passed from mother to child.  In addition to its phenomenal immune support properties a variety of new studies show that many of the bio-active compounds in this wonder food have significant benefits, including bone health, nerve protection, and supporting optimal growth.  All of these support features make sense, since a newborn baby needs help in all these areas in addition to immune support.  The new science is indicating colostrum can have benefit to just about anyone, not just newborns.

In the first study researchers studied the effects of colostrum on bone health in ovariectomized rats, which are expected to lose bone density due to the drop in estrogen.  Colostrum administration actually added bone density to these rats.  The researchers determined that various proteins in the colostrum such as osteopontin, lactoferrin, epidermal growth factor and insulin-like growth factor-2 were responsible for the bone-building properties of colostrum.  Rapid bone growth in a newborn is vital during the first months of life.

In another colostrum study researchers gave colostrum 1 hour after inducing experimental stroke and another colostrum dose once daily for seven days.  Brain damage was reduced by 26%.  Key inflammation signals such as TNFa were reduced.  The colostrum-treated animals more rapidly recovered their nerve function based on behavior testing.  Protection of the brain from inflammatory insult is another top priority in the first weeks of life.

And lastly, a clinical trial with 120 poorly developing children ages 1-10 tested the ability of bovine colostrum to put them on a healthy growth trend.  After 3 months of colostrum the children had significantly improved their body weight compared to the control group.  20% of those taking colostrum were so improved that they were now considered normal, instead of being classified with “failure to thrive.”