Potatoes Help to lose Weight

Potatoes Help to lose Weight

Potatoes Help to lose Weight

There's cheerful news for potato lovers. s study by New York scientist suggested that one does not need to stop taking potatoes to lose weight.


Britt Burton-Freeman, University of California, Davis said "When it comes to weight loss, it is not about eliminating a certain food or food groups. Rather, it is reducing calories that count, There is no evidence that potatoes, when prepared in a healthy manner, contribute to weight gain. In fact, they can even be part of a weight loss programme,"

Researchers studied 86 overweight men and women over 12 weeks to measure the effects of a reduced-calorie modified glycemic index diet with the addition of potatoes. Glycemic index or GI is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels.

Three groups with randomly selected persons were formed, each having a diet that included five to seven servings of potatoes per week. Results showed that all three groups lost weight.

One medium-size skin-on potato contains just 110 calories per serving, boasts more potassium (620 grams) than a banana, provides almost half the daily value of vitamin C (45 per cent), and contains no fat, sodium or cholesterol.

All these studies render potatoes a healthy diet. (but cook it in a healthy manner.)