How to use Aloe vera Instructions

How to use Aloe vera Instructions

Aloe vera is a green plant. it is one of the most famous plants. It is being used in cosmetics and medicines. Aloe vera can however be used in its crude form.

Benefits of Aloe vera, health benefits Of Aloe Vera

It is very easy to take care of Aloe vera plant. It is very stable and resistant. only single water dose per week is enough for its growth and it require less sun light as compared to others.

Instruction that how to use aloe vera in certain conditions.

Break off the fresh leaf of aloe vera when you want to use it. use fresh aloe vera. The healing and curing properties of aloe vera decrease as time passes. Aloe vera is avalable in gel and lotion
forms in market but it is better that it must be used in its fresh form.

Aloe vera has anesthetic and antibacterial properties. when used on wounds, wounds heal rapidly with less scaring. Now rub Aloe vera on affected skin (sun burned, wrinkled or injured skin).

It is better to apply Aloe vera with the help of a cloth or some other adhesive meterial. first spread aloe vera fluid on a cloth or guaze and apply on skin or cut the aloe leaf down the middle and place the leaf on the ailing skin with a thin gauze in between. you can place without a gauze. ( what ever you feel better. but it is better to use gauze in case of severely injured skin).

Use aloe vera to treat different condition like arthritis, eczema, sunburn, wrinkles and oily skin etc. squeeze the juice of aloe vera and apply it on affected skin area.